21 Aug 2016

Notes From Transylvania: Preserving the Continuity of Traditions; Maramures August 2016.

The deep bellowing sounds of Maramures are projected into the moonlit sky. The astoundingly beautiful natural amphitheatre of ‘Sus Pe Bradova’ in the hills above the village of Barsana is sending messages from a concert fusing traditional and contemporary music.

This historic part of Transylvania is in insurgency. It is opposing the latest campaign to reach these ancient hills; the contemporary erosion of the area’s rural spirituality.

On a hillside above Barsana village in remote Maramures, (a district of northern Romania) Grigore Lese – regarded internationally as the leader of Romanian traditional and pastoral music - created an unrepeatable event of musical theatre. 

The Festival of the 63 villages’ mission is not only to promote but to protect and preserve the role of Maramures as the beating heart of Romania’s peasant culture.

The Romanian Emperor Trajan immortalised Maramures’ resistance to outside forces’ attempts to dilute its proud independence by carving into a stone column the story of his adventures in the area – then known as Dacia- in the year 113 AD. That’s how long the baton has been held by the residents of the 63 villages: they continue to champion the way of life in this region, often referred to as ‘the greatest garden on earth.’

In experiencing the sounds and character of Maramures on a hillside deep in this garden, I feel a new resistance to global urbanisation. Slow and tranquil, the garden entices one’s soul to contemplate and reflect on life and purpose.

This festival is sending powerful messages to our urban centres, the deep sounds of Maramures emanating from these hills are calling to the senses. Senses that make us, as a people, feel connected to nature and our duty never to forsake its treasures.

10 Jul 2016

Art of Superstate: Part Three

POST-BREXIT-Dismantling the European Union:  Remain Absorbs the Five Stages of Grief Simultaneously.  

May 23rd 2016. An article appeared in the Guardian newspaper under the heading

How will the Brexiteers react if they
lose? Expect bitterness and frustration

The dreadful contamination of the EU’s loathing for democracy spread into the hearts and minds of some in the Remain camp. Not all I might say. Some are respectful of the will of the people. However there is a vocal few who are outspoken about over-turning the vote and are demanding a re-run of the referendum; won’t happen of course.
A great star has left the Union to shine bright in a wider
stellar system. Expect bitterness and frustration from Brussels.
Rumors say the EU is planning to evict a small member
state on corruption charges as an act of revenge and a warning to
the rest to tow the line of loyalty. Image Frankfurt 2012

But this is precisely the EU disease of vote again till you get it right attitude which started the terminal rot of that institution. France, Netherlands and Ireland were either ignored or sent back to fix their mistakes in 2005 and 2008. But not this time! The British are too big to be pushed around.

The size of this outpouring of public grief can be measure by over four million people signing a petition to cast aside the referendum vote.  This would mean to run and run the issue again until democracy becomes a mirror of how the EU perceives it should look. In other words disobedience towards “More Europe” will not be tolerated.

In October 2013, the then president of the European council Herman Van Rompuy announced in his state of the Union address:

“But ultimately, we will convince people not with rhetoric and words alone (even if words are needed), but with results, with growth, with jobs.”

Oh! how out of synchronisation  is the EU with its citizens. And more so, they were told this solid fact over and over and over.

Now that the dismantling of the EU in its present shape and form is begun, it would help the four million in national angst and indeed the EU itself to absorb the final stage of Grief- Acceptance.

26 Jun 2016

Brexit E.U. Referendum is Won. Fallout is Bitter. Cooler Heads Are Waiting to Take the Lead.

It had to happen.  And it did; democracy has stood up against the march of technocratic rule in Europe. Loyalty to the EU’s Commission that has divided Europe is shattered.

Sovereignty is restored to the British people; giving hope to those in Europe who are Euroskeptic.

Hope is a stronger emotion than fear.  “Project Fear” which focused on the economy, the negative and the absurd, failed to overcome citizen concerns about immigration and sovereignty. It is a lesson for the architects of Superstate to learn. That lesson is- a great political deception (that they know better than the people) can often deceive the deceivers into thinking they can deceive the people – even when their deceptions have been exposed.

 Arrogance and bloated self-importance is the Brussels Europhile elites’ cancer. They must now be wondering where their EU Project is now heading; possibly to the grave.

Already there are calls from some quarters to ignore the result. If this were to happen then a street revolution would surely follow; to seal this historic moment from the majority, is a gamble too risky to consider.

Sovereignty is restored. The cost is a divided Europe. The UK is still part of the EU and stunned at the referendum outcome.
Negotiations should begin at once. Hard decisions made. I am not a Royalist but I am Loyal to the Lands my ancestry has provided for me.
 I feel no Loyalty to a Technocratic Europe. Image: Northern Ireland June 25th 2016.

I suspect the referendum will be downplayed as no more than an expression of British distrust and disdain for the EU. But for the sake of re-framing citizen cohesion in a fractured Europe - it cannot be ignored.

The EU Commission now needs to be disbanded or at best brought under the control of sanity and proper vision for the continent.

France, Italy and Spain are worried. They should be. For in the coming months ahead the EU’s failings and clumsy handling of the financial crisis will become increasingly apparent. Recrimination, frothing and skeptic empowerment will detonate the simmering resentment towards the EU’s political classes.  They had better watch out.

In the UK families are split down the middle over what to do next. Seventeen million “Brexiteers” should not gloat or show victorious rejoice towards sixteen million “Remainders.”  

NO! NO! NO! The great challenge is to re-unite the U.K. to correct the compounded damage the now discredited EU ideology has done to its citizens over the past Twenty –three years. 

20 Jun 2016

Brexit EU Referendum: Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom

Calved from necessity after 1945 the Common market was officially transformed at Maastricht in 1993. For the 23 years since, this European Union, this controversial institution carved out a deceptive mission to manage “Art of Superstate.”  Now, it is finally under the spotlight of accountability. The question being put to the British citizens is do we accept or reject this deception and its entire works.

The debate is so close; none can make a sure call for the outcome.

British conscientiousness is expressed in a field beside the 303 highway
at Basingstoke, Hampshire, England.
Image June 2016   
The result of the British referendum will offer the UK two choices; a courageous path to a Global role; or to be locked into the EU’s plan for Superstate with a divided populace in a divided Europe, steamrolling towards further confrontation over the nature of its flawed character. 

For the Brussels Federalists, it now matters little how the vote is cast. Either way there will never be a meaningful trust towards the EU machine after this referendum.  – Art of Superstate- is Finished.

This era, when a group of faceless unelected and self-serving Federalists and their technocrat servants wallow in their dream of instructing hundreds of millions on how to run their affairs, is Over.

After this vote - regardless of the outcome -the tone and atmosphere in the corridors of the Commission’s Berlaymont building in Brussels-will (and rightly so) - be one of despondent self pity at its failure to pressure and coerce Europe into a federal state.

History will point out that no project of such magnitude can succeed without proper consultation with the people and their willing support.

Of course, without Britain, the EU will struggle on for a while; maybe into the next financial crisis, when the Euro buckles and is deserted.  Maybe the closeness of the vote will set off a change reaction across Europe. Maybe there will be another attempt to ignore the people and carry on with the Federalists plans. Maybe –maybe –maybe!

One truth is evident- In ignoring the value of Freedom and Democracy cherished by those who have won and kept it safe through thick and thin -the EU was always destined to fail.

The painted view from Britain is why
take a chance with its Democracy and Sovereignty.
After all the EU is just an ideology. And ideologies
 can go very wrong. Just ask our forefathers.
Image; Chartwell House June 2016   
In gazing through the Looking Glass - painting a picture of the future, I see a European Union struck down by the folly and arrogance of its own character. This folly is its inability to reform or respond to citizens concerns.

Twenty-first century UK has modern leadership roles, one of which is to check dangerous moves by those who would put themselves above the will of the people.

The EU has pursued its objectives to dilute plebiscite rights and opinions in favour of an unproven ideology.

The European Union project is widely considered a threat to freedom and democracy.  And so as I prepare to vote Leave I think of these two quotes about safeguarding democracy over the past centuries.

“The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime, and the punishment of his guilt.” - John Philpot Curran Irish lawyer and politician - Speech July 10, 1790, Dublin.

“Freedom is fragile and must be protected. To sacrifice it, even as a temporary measure, is to betray it.” - Germaine Greer, Feminist activist - “The Female Eunuch” October 1970 London.    

7 Jun 2016

Brexit EU: Referendum 2016: Lisbon Treaty’s Article 42, From tourism to Tour of Duty.

Deception -The practice used till now by the EU commission to reach its stated objectives of political and fiscal union in Europe; thus avoiding permissions of the populace.
So far it has managed to split the continent over the purpose of the European Project, raised youth unemployment to record levels, subjugated entire countries to humiliation and poverty and best of all has gotten away with it.

Now it has a date to complete its mission as set out in the five presidents’ report. That date is 2025. The means to achieve this “Utopian nightmare” is the Lisbon treaty. It is especially interesting to watch the language change as the reader ploughs through the Articles of this document from delightful innocent piffle, past dreamy eyed visions of a perfect world-

The Lisbon Treaty is the Bible of the European Union to create
a new Superstate complete with its own Army
image 2016

Article 2
1. The Union's aim is to promote peace, its values and the well-being of its peoples.
2. The Union shall offer its citizens an area of freedom, security and justice without internal frontiers, in which the free movement of persons is ensured in conjunction with appropriate measures with respect to external border controls, asylum, immigration…..It shall promote ……solidarity among Member States.

To the outright sinister goal to create an aggressive fighting force under the strong influence of the president of the European Commission.

Article 42

 3. Member States shall make civilian and military capabilities available to the Union for the implementation of the common security and defence policy, Those Member States which together establish multinational forces may also make them available to the common security and defence policy. Member States shall undertake progressively to improve their military capabilities.

From Tourism to Tour of Duty. The EU will be permitted to
requisition military and Civilian assets for acts of military
capabilities. The actions include invasion and peace-making.
Image 2016 

 In the course of which the Union may use civilian and military means, shall include joint disarmament……..tasks of combat forces in crisis management, including peace-making and post-conflict stabilisation. All these tasks may contribute to the fight against terrorism, including by supporting third countries in combating terrorism in their territories.

One of the weapons of Deception the Union uses is Interpretation. This is the role of the European court of Justice (ECJ). The court almost always rules in favour of the European Commission in any dispute over Interpretation between the commission and the rest of the Union.

So how does the Commission get control of Europe by legal means you ask?
It is all written down in the treaty. Punctuated throughout the Lisbon Treaty are inserts and amendments to circumvent any objections to the goal of a central political and fiscal Superstate supported by a pan European army- paid for and supplied by the member states.

This little bit is particularly useful for the commission in pursuit of staying out of the spotlight by controlling free speech.

The Member States shall support the Union's external and security policy actively and unreservedly in a spirit of loyalty and mutual solidarity and shall comply with thUnion's action in this area.

The Member States shall facilitate the achievement of the Union's tasks and refrain from any measure which could jeopardise the attainment of the Union's objectives.’
…. They shall refrain from any action which is contrary to the interests of the Union or likely to impair its effectiveness as a cohesive force in international relations.

The Council and the High Representative shall ensure compliance with these principles.

In other words you may disagree in private but you may not openly criticise the Union and its works.
To initiate a military action there is the following provision for the Commission.

4. Decisions relating to the common security and defence policy, including those initiating a mission as referred to in this Article, shall be adopted by the Council acting unanimously on a proposal from the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy…. together with the Commission.

A safeguard you might say is in the unanimous action. But no! The Commission gets around this by creating a separately controlled permanent force.

Those Member States whose military capabilities fulfil higher criteria …..shall establish permanent structured cooperation within the Union framework.

The European Defense Agency referred to in Article 42 (3) shall be open to all Member States wishing to be part of it. The Council, acting by a qualified majority, shall adopt a decision defining the Agency's statute, seat and operational rules.
Specific groups shall be set up within the Agency bringing together Member States engaged in joint projects. The Agency shall carry out its tasks in liaison with the Commission where necessary.

Heading for a new army. The EU has used deception and the European Court of Justice
 to bring Europe's citizens to a breath of a new Superstate with its own military capabilities.
And all in the name of the people but without a whisper of its intentions. Image EDA

The final sway towards control comes in the shape of removing vetoes and diluting down resistance from the Council of Europe. It is called “Qualified Majority Voting” This is a situation where any group of countries small or big can start a military action by representing 65% of the population of the European Union.
Given that 35% of a 508 million population is 178 million then Europe could technically go to war without the consent of France, UK and Italy.
But these three major countries would still be obliged to supply the means and the money to complete any military action should in theory Macedonia invade Slovenia.

7. If a Member State is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, the other Member States shall have towards it an obligation of aid and assistance by all the means in their power,

Does this apply internally and can it refer to separatist movements of which there are many cross the continent.
So! Roll over NATO ..here comes the European Defence Agency under the mighty influence of the President of the European Commission. Who says “Power is Never Given.