31 Mar 2015

E.U. Crisis: Angela Merkel Sings, I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Trust for the European project, and especially its leadership, is evaporating as fast as capital flight from Greek banks.

The federalist’s dream is becoming a muddle in the puddle of pessimism and foreboding as the democratic will of nations gathers momentum.

As usual, in the Byzantine world of modern European politics, blame is forever the hot potato one strenuously avoids to handle.

For Alexis Tsipras, forcing Angela Merkel to make the decision to evict Greece from the Eurozone would support Syrizia’s role to introduce the Drachma, devalue and become competitive. “Look what the Germans did to us.”
The Lone Star of  European Unity Chancellor Angela Merkel calls out to
Greeks behind their barricades. But does she sing Hello or Goodbye.
After the euphoria of  German reunification a USE is now off the
 immediate agenda.  Image CDU 2015, Berlin 1989, Nicosia 2015.

It would be a mortal body blow to the E.U.  “This is what to expect if you get into trouble, regardless of whom is to blame!” Their cry would reverberate around the Union. “Why follow a Union which doesn’t share burdens and transfer profit and loss where it is needed!”

The answer of course is, there is no transfer Union in place to implement such tools of governance; but if we were to have closer Union both fiscal and political then this would be all so possible.
And you see that’s the crunch. Do the people of Europe buy this promise? Or do they trust their own to govern their own!

Merkel publicly states she wants Greece to remain in the Euro, but to struggle on till 2050 to repay all debts in abject misery and poverty if necessary.  “Maybe this will be unacceptable to Greeks and hopefully leave of their own accord.”

It’s the muddle in the puddle again for the EU and who’s to blame for its coming failure. “I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello.”

3 Mar 2015

EU Crisis: Frausterity Merkel: Warsterity: And the Greek Rebellion.

Suddenly citizens are feeling less European, becoming more akin to defend the beloved country.

It’s a typical insurgent situation. A bad situation calls for intervention. Intervention makes a bad situation worse. Eventually the situation goes beyond worst to become intolerable. The result is rebellion, and the unknown.

National interest and national pride will never submit to
imposed intellectual what ifs! Image 2015 Pathos, A Greek world
heritage site
Sometimes the unknown is a realignment of national pride; a pulling together for the moment, a common interest for survival.  But mostly it is bitter recrimination; animosity against intervention with punishment for scapegoats of the day. 

Oh what a lovely Warsterity!  Nice battle-cry from Troika intuitions claiming to be guardians of fiscal competence over people power.  In the minds of people, resistance against “Warsterity” is growing.

Russia, Ukraine, Greece, The Baltics and the “PIGS within” are to blame for the EU getting into a wee spot of bother with their glorious master plan. Of course it has nothing to do with leadership, the Global banking “New world order” or planet Brussels spinning out of orbit.

Frausterity Merkel is no longer a Messiah for a European Dimension.  Europe is not a country, never will be, and for all extent and purpose shouldn't be.

Frausterity Merkel’s duty is to Germany and that is her mandate. As it is with others! The Euro and the EU is not a Crusade but an idea; an idea which needs revisiting.  

Whether Greece defends or capitulates is not the end of recurring unrest gripping Europe, and fomented by blinded ideologues. It must be the start of the end to Federalists imposing political directions which have waning support and no clear future.    

26 Jan 2015

E.U Crisis: Divisions Return: Brussels Loses A Dream for Superstate: Donbass Pushes Secession Goals

“Britain may withdraw from the EU unless there is a new treaty arrangement for countries that reject the Superstate project. There is no prospect of Britain joining the euro or becoming part of a "centralising project". …says the British Chancellor just meters from stony faced German finance minister Wolfgang Schauble at the Davos economic summit …………………….Daily Telegraph Jan 24 2015

An air of pessimism hangs over the resort as realities come to roost over the Eurozone’s performance and EU failed adventure in the Ukraine.
A Guard awakes from  slumber at the Greek Green Line in Nicosia Jan 2015
On mainland Greece the people have spoken out against German enforced
Austerity and the rule of the despised "Troika." It remains to be seen if the
EU will now unravel and Superstate consigned to the history pages
with Napoleon Bonaparte and Hitlers 3rd Reich 

The Greeks have spoken out against “Fiscal Waterboarding.” The anti-austerity spectrum is gaining strength. The EU is finally seeing the massive social cracks it created and which it though would fear the people into political submission. This has backfired spectacularly. The 1% has a lot to loath after Syriza’s victory.

It is now fashionable to be anti-EU and fashionable to be part of a New Europe where Empire and Superstate is no longer a given solution to Europe’s troubled past.

For all the puffing and huffing about how the EU is doomed the bigger picture lies east of Kishinev where the Russian sponsored Donbass separatists are pushing for a corridor to Crimea. Should that succeed then it will be Odessa/Tiraspol’s turn to link a swath of southern Ukraine from Tiraspol to Luhansk. (The Wild Fields)

A great Trouble unfolds in the Borderlands (Ukraine)
where the Wild Fields (Red)  fight for Novorossiya.
A problem started by the US & EU it will finish with the division of a country
strangled at birth. Jan 2015 

Miscalculation by the west over its involvement in Ukraine has been staggering. Russians are consolidation for a stand-off with the US and the EU. It threatens to split the world in two.

As sanctions are the only weapons the west can use for now against Russia, the Kremlin on the other hand can hand the west an impoverished and desolate rump Ukraine in 2015. Coupled with an Oriental response to Washington’s hawkish moves to control the world’s financial systems we may be seeing a return to divisions not witnessed since 1963.  

11 Dec 2014

E.U. Crisis: Rampant Citizen Austerity; P.O.W. Torture: Elitist Leadership Failure.

The United States took a hard look at the notorious Bush leadership and its reign against terror 2001 – 2009. It didn't like the reflection.

During and after WW11 many belligerents on the other side were executed for using the very torture techniques the Bush cabal paid $80millon to former army psychologists to update and enhanced these torture methods.
Whereas the CIA was following orders, just like all the others, leadership has choices. The buck stops with them.
Calls to make the Holocaust an educational subject gather strength as brutality, torture and
inhumane acts return to the western sphere. Auschwitz, above, is a place where even the coldest
heart melts viewing capable horrific deeds by Homo Sapiens. Image 2008, during the C.I.A.
rendition of P.O.W.s to camps in Poland and nearby countries which experienced WW11 atrocities.   
In effect the Bush administration sanctioned the physical and mental mistreatment of P.O.W.’s for nothing more than a brutal act of revenge in their acquirement of money. Make no mistake in realising; they at the top in that administration, made a killing.

This bout of in-human nature defies belief after the horrors of the Second World War. Do Homo sapiens deserve a place of prominence on this planet? Can we create a successor species in time before this cancer for self-loathing eats away any hope or any will to proceed further!

In Europe, the pursuit for the subjugation of the continents younger generation is continuing by Federalist elites in the Brussels/ Luxembourg/Corporate family camp.
Their goal to destroy democracy and any resistance to a Federal authority using financial ruin and austere economic domination, is no less a torture to citizens. 

If recent reports emanating out of the fester which has griped even the EU parliament, are to be believed, then none is to be trusted when it comes to promoting the European project or any talk of closer Union.

For these coming years, citizens will need to awake and look at recent past performances of those who would be our rulers. The rottenness of impunity for western leaders, those who schematise world management like the style of a Mafia family, is close to times before the great and terrible revolutions that failed the political evolution of our species.

9 Nov 2014

EU Crisis: 25 Years After the Berlin Wall Collapsed, Cold Politics Returns to Europe

The EU, launched in January 1993 is a major let down. An organisation bedevilled with controversy and deemed unfit for purpose by governments and citizens alike.

A room with no view . 25 years since the Wall collapsed A new Cold War  is reaching Berlin. 
Has change been for the better!
Image 1989; An old Communist party building near near Palast der Reublik in Berlin, recently destroyed
against the wishes of the people who say it is a process to eradicate 20th century history 
In 2 years’ time the British people will decide its future.  If the British leave, Europe will languish on and on in Eurozone limbo till one by one the northern states join the global Atlantic Empire now in the making and whose reach will encompass a never setting sun.

EU Europe is not for reforming. Junker’s last stand is the commissions Alamo. None is afraid of speaking out about a post EU environment. And about where a cold political wind blows this Ship of Fools, blindly steering a conglomerate of iffy institutions hell bent on destroying democracy and installing a milder form of authoritarian communism. What could come after the split is unknown.  

Most people feel WW3 is already with us. It has the same ingredients as any war, economic austerity; un sourced terrorist threats, perpetual security alerts, national self-interest and an earning to explore wider political horizons.

And in Novembering Berlin 25years on, the architect of Glasnost and Perestroika Mikhail Gorbachev, the man who made it all happen, claims a new Cold War is here.  A possible tax criminal is president of the EU commission. The British political establishment is openly saying to its citizens EU reform is beyond reach. Netherlands, Italy and even France and Germany have doubts about EU progression. The ECB in Frankfurt is beyond comprehension to citizens about who it represents. The Mafia and the Vatican are looking very alike. And European aristocracy is just a money factory teamed with giant corporations and devoid of anchors to any social responsibility.

The EU Gravy train has run out of flavour. Berlin’s vision of a new Europe is gathering a gloomy view in a room with no windows.

31 Oct 2014

Mapping the State of Islamic Authority: Visions of the Kingdom of Allah

In the end, there was never to be any re-construction of the Kingdom of Allah. The troops just left as they always do. After weary unfruitful years the money runs out, citizens loose interest and fearing attrition,  army commanders advise withdrawal.

Just like in the time of Rome’s domestic woes and chores, the “Barbarian” tribes capitalise on the situation and rush to fill any vacuum.

But the goal is not to sack London or Washington, but to claim Islamic authority over the Kingdom of Allah - A kingdom, floating not on prayer but gas and oil.

A Battle for Islamic Authority; Iran and Saudi Arabia locked in a deadly proxy war over wealth, power and influence
The decline of Turkey and the rise of Arab  and Kurdish confidence. A vision of The Kingdom of Allah  2014
Religion, for some, may be a bit of a laugh, but for others it is serious business.

Christianity’s once dominate position in the marketplace for trade, control and influence is no longer a top brand name. It doesn't do it for the shopper anymore.  Asian labour is the “New Trade” – A payoff for the inventing Western haves, to monetise - the work for very little have-nots. 
And in the middle-east vacuum, Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia sees one hundred years of wealth and power up for grabs.

The mechanism for control is the redrawing of the map by Arabs, Kurds and Persians, rubbing out colonial lines drawn by France and Britain after 1918 and post Ottoman rule. 

Kurdish aspirations are as strong as ever.  Turkish PKK, Iraqi  Peshmerga, and Syrian YPG fighters are the now cutting edge of a future Kurdistan.  Islamic State fighters are soldiers of Sunni destiny and defenders of the Kingdom of Allah.

Who will loose!  Can Turkey suffer the indignation of reverting to an Anatolian heartland to ponder its Empire’s final trumpet into history.  Will Iran, if stopped in its bid to reach the Mediterranean, turn east and with Pakistan swallow up a weak and failed Afghanistan.

The map is a vision, not a truth – not just yet!   

24 Oct 2014

EU Crisis: Junkers Commission Fuels Animosity with UK: New Power Struggle for Union Leadership

It would suit the commission to see the UK bolt for the exit.  After all, who wants competition to one’s plan!
Using fines and penalties against dissenting voices is a very European thing-simply because they are organised to make collections as a well-oiled machine.

The Family of European Nations at Strasbourg. Are they fluttering in unison
or are they still poles apart. Junkers Commission rejects reform for an all
in call over supremacy and power.  image 2014
Most people in Europe believe that when fined or handed a bill it is only right to pay it even if they disagree with it. And some believe they are committing an offence if they don’t pay up. Rules are not the same as the Law.

This is the legacy of blindly following leaders who care little for individual dissention and everything for their authority.

Junker has made a massive miscalculation by opening his day-job role with a volley of confrontational financial moves against the UK and other member states.

This Brussels setup is now about telling national governments what to do and using the system to bring as much as possible to a centralised, politicised and ideological civil executive.  In short it is exactly what skeptics are worried about.

Whether or not the rules have been applied justly and accordingly is no longer a point of order for the British, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, Spanish or Greek public. This Brussels Federalist commission has firmly rejected any talks of reform and opted for an all in poker call it thinks it can either win or bluff. It is pitching its objectives against the will of the people.

“Lead public opinion, don’t follow it” is the latest Federalist mantra. In other words the people are not fit to think for themselves.  Eventually it will be the same assumption for some dissenting leaders. Where this takes us to, is clearly what the EU was created to avoid.

Brussels is not interested in the will of the people, but the people are interested in the will of Brussels.

25 Sep 2014

The New Islamic Caliphate: The Road to Catastrophe is Littered with Good Intentions

Asking the Kurds to fight IS. A boy from 24 yrs ago pictured
as a young resistance fighter against Saddam. Today he faces
a greater threat from IS. If he is alive that is. Image
Kurdistan 1991  
It was long thought Western powers were playing referee in the middle-east to a proxy war between Saudi & Qatar against Iran, Russia and China, over whose pipeline will bring whose gas to the massive European market. Did we really care who won or supplied us with the goodies. Russia yesterday, Qatar today, Iran tomorrow! We oscillate like the wheat field in a breeze.

Russia, Iran and Qatar are the world’s no 123 in that order. We side with Saudi and Qatar in the proxy war and mostly ignore their public stoning and beheading of people convicted of crimes we find trivial normality. Like adultery or homosexuality. In the Arab world of retribution, public beheading is part of Sharia Law.

But then we also ignore how recent we were doing the same.  Europe’s record of beheading convicts stretches centuries up till until as recently as 1979 in France. Germany managed over 16,000 in the 1930’s alone albeit it being the work of the Nazi Party!   

Our blunders in Iraq created the climate for ISIS, Al Nusra, and the other off shoots to thrive and now, from a few dodgy dossiers we are faced with a mighty dodgy future.

Western allies have begun the standard process of demonising the enemy while assuring the public there will be no return to direct intervention. Everyone knows the Kurds and Shia militias cannot complete the job. And, is it fair of us to ask this sacrifice of them when so often we have let the down.

Some say military action can only hold the ring long enough for politicians to find a political solution. We are now way beyond this theory. We face the unstoppable rise of a new Muslim Empire stretching from India to the Mediterranean Sea. We helped create it; and all for a bucket of gas.

Heaven knows how mankind survives; because eventually it reaps what it sows.

20 Sep 2014

The Great Scottish Debate #3. Reckoning, Appraisal and a Letter to a Friend

 A chara Sophia
Dea-shláinte a thabhairt duit agus an teaghlach

How are you in Stockholm this weekend...disappointed after the result. May I give you my report to make the yes camp feel a little better.

2 yrs. ago close observers including the SNP knew there were not enough votes to win the yes campaign. The fundamentals just weren't there.

These fundamentals are mainly generational, the younger generation having the spirit and courage to take Scotland to dizzy heights, while older citizens, like everywhere, preferring the devil you know - especially, if you’ve known him for 307 yrs.
A Scottish piper joins an Irish set to deliver a fantastic
performance at the Reconciliation conference in Dublin
Castle last week, 2 days before the referendum vote.  2014

Alex Salmond also knew that Westminster would cut up rough as would big business and the Banking moguls. Such bold moves for self-determination are for far flung places and not for the extension to the family home.

However Salmond was wise to test how far he could close the gap and how difficult it would be to take on the opposition. He needed this trial run before the next and final effort to win total unconditional independence in an environment acceptable to all.  Preparation for war is everything Sophia and most are won even before they are ever fought. (Sun Tzu, art of war)

What he did was to close the gap from 25% in May 2013 to 45% at end of play 2014...and fought the opposition to a standstill, sacrificing himself just like Mel Gibson did in Braveheart. Filmed in Ireland I might now add. 

This is a remarkable achievement and makes the man a living legend.

You see Sophia, for every NO voter that now becomes deceased, and that is about 60,000 per annum, a new YES voter will join the register. 

Given there is a shortfall of  300,000 to reach 50% means Salmond is just 5 yrs. away from this magic number and 10 yrs. away to reverse this referendum result into a 55% YES favour. Allowing for errors in these figures, the next vote is 15 - 17yrs from now.

So the UK has this time to fix the family house and build a Federal Union or a Commonwealth Confederacy, because, the nature of the UK and its central system is now broken. If they act Salmond’s independence movement is a chapter for the history books. If they fail then the banner to march will rise again.

So I hope you didn't cancel the victory breakfast, for it was a great tactical move worthy of any Highland charge against the Sassanachs 

Salmond may resign as first minister but as a lightning rod for the independence movement that shook the world; his place in history is secured. Who will remember Darling, Brown or Cameron.

Your friend in Donegal
Slán go fóill

14 Sep 2014

The Great Scottish Debate #2: Into End Game with the Red Queen.

Pawns become powerful pieces in any end game; Scottish separatist leader
Alex Salmond knows this all too well....but is it enough to take down a
Red Queen from her powerful position as head of the UK state.  2014
VIVA! VIVA!  The YES and NO - the Yin and Yang - the I Ching,  Divination,  Premonition , Prediction, Essentialism, Realism, Idealism, Existentialism and to sum it all up……The Book of Change

It will never be the same after Thursday’s vote. Not for the UK and not for Europe. On one hand Westminster knows centralism is now gone….In Holyrood the Scots know this vote is a massive boost for the power of Democracy….In Brussels they must also know the will and nerve to change within the UK is carved from Grampian granite.

And this very nerve has powerful signals to send stretching across Europe from Span’s Leon to the Russian Donbass.

Centralism is no longer a given for Empire or Superstate but Confederate Democracy still has plenty of air to breath.

Salmond’s end game will be a master to watch.  His move to check the opposition’s defense of Scottish right to self-determination by declaring no second referendum for a generation is a classic play to idle pawns called don’t knows pondering their response…a deciding response for check mate.

 If self-determination fails who will be the voters to stand last man and claim it was their move which lost the end-game.  

The Red players must carefully examine the chess board for their final moves, as must everyone else contemplating Empire, or Confederate Democracy.

13 Sep 2014

The Great Scottish Debate: Arise Ye Sir - A New Confederate Commonwealth.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me”….we used to shout this all the time as children as tears swelled and the throat went dry; just before disappearing into the house for teatime.

Of course in this, the week that is for nail biting, back stabbing, knife edged, debate and referendum over the very existence of the United Kingdom - name calling is back in the game.
The art of great propaganda: A Yes poster from 2014 with a WW 2  Commonwealth recruitment
call to arms. The future is Confederate, can the British Isles pull it off.  

Not as just the usual political insults but a more profound name calling…How to say UK after the YES/NO vote…For all the bluster over the last point or so the writing is on the wall…The story of the UK’s 300 yr history is over.  A new history is dawning, more glorious and reflective.

Scotland is stable, educated, forward thinking and very aware of the important role we all must play to ensure the nations of these Isles enjoy the very best the world and life has to offer.

You read it here; there will be no re-manning of Hadrian’s Wall and no attempt to reclaim Berwick on Tweed.   

The future is Confederate. The future is economic co-operation. The future is respectful re-building  a resurgent Commonwealth.   

OK- OK: I hear you say many things and even hear little laughter to this prediction!!! But in this week, – the week that is- we also lay to rest a Loyal Ulsterman from the DUP, who, known for always to say NO,  finally said YES……….just as we all do in the end……  

7 Sep 2014

Ukraine Crisis More Deadly Than Ever; Israel Annexes More Land

Fanning the flames on Europe's Eastern Flank. Ukraine is spiraling
into dangerous gambits. All the right players are present and
willing to bluff it out. Image: Ukraine memorial to the WW2 fallen
From a military point of view the Kiev surge into the Donbass was badly handled. It could be said that the separatists (Russia) now has a clearer picture of not what Kiev forces can do, but rather of what they can’t do.  

Nothing short of open outright western support for the Kiev government army can halt the counter attack pushing the Ukrainian forces out of the Donbass area. And that’s a dangerous gambit and a recipe for a cold winter.

When Putin says he can be in Kiev in two weeks he means it. Whether or not he wants to or sees this as a strategic move is highly unlikely.

The EU and the West made the colossal error of thinking Russia was weak and not ready to react to the coup of last March fuelled by the usual C.I.A. suspects.

Putin will enable Moscow to speak for ethnic Russians east of the Dnieper River running through Kiev and which is the historical and natural extent of past European influence. (Hapsburg Empire). Russia has already completed encirclement of the entire south Ukrainian flank from Tiraspol to Mariupol.

There is no point hammering on about Ukraine’s loss of sovereignty and the annexation of Crimea when the west sits back and turns a blind eye to Israel’s carve-up of the Palestinian territories. This embedded dual standard/hypocrisy only cements the mistrust between east and west that fosters conflict.   

In the end we only have to look at the historical map of the Ukraine (borderlands) to see the outcomes and natural result of the latest political shenanigans.  Looking at the historical maps of Israel and the Levant presents a less favourable scenario. 

6 Aug 2014

EU Crisis: London Mayor Examines Life After an EU Brexit : Ukraine at Boiling Point: Gaza Turkey Shoot

World conflicts are spreading, opposition to a full spectrum dominated uni-polar world gathers pace, the EU is settling on shaky ground, Russia is teaming-up with Iran and maybe China, the Arab world is building several asymmetrical armies, Ukraine threat to peace looms ahead and London’s Lord Mayor flirts with the British Euroskeptics while announcing plans to enter the UK parliament.  The August silly season is not looking so funny anymore.

The EU is a “misbegotten political project” that has left millions of young people on the “scrapheap”, Britain will have a “great and glorious future” if it leaves.

He really means London of course. What has come to knowledge and looks certain is the rise of the super-city in the near future. London’s economy is set to double over the next 20yrs to £640 billion. That’s Ireland, Portugal and Finland combined. With this sort of clout why should London consider playing ball with the new Brussels dictate!  Skeptic politics is on ascendancy. Only a reformed EU can swing the balance towards an inclusive and progressive Union. What takes decades to build can be destroyed in days and weeks.
Israel completes the latest in a series of battles for its long war to establish a Jewish state. The incursion
into Gaza in July 2014 resembled a "Turkey Shoot" of civilian men women and children. Image Jerusalem 1990

Ukraine (the borderlands) crisis is deepening. Ukraine has potential to fracture Europe in ways similar to post WW11. Russia can see how the western world is reacting to Israel’s conflict with Gaza’s civilians. It all pretty much smacks of who dares wins and don’t hesitate to strike for home interest when the time is right. Think Iraq, Grenada, Panama, Vietnam, Bay of Pigs, Dominican Republic, Laos & Cambodia, Lebanon, Somalia, Haiti, Libya & Afghanistan.
If Russia invades the Ukrainian Borderlands to protect Russian people and home economic interests, Western condemnation will fall short after the world witnessed a grossly disproportionate incursion by Israel into Gaza in order to protect similar objectives.

3 Jul 2014

EU Crisis: Strasbourg Parliament Evokes Existential Tremors: Skeptics get their top Bogey-man

Juncker gets the top post, Federalists are happy and so are the Skeptics. 

 A Europe consisting of 40% die hard Skeptics will not unite the EU project. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.  Debate over Europe’s direction is getting real and that’s where E.U. parliament comes into play.

Who is Federalist!  Of course, it’s the poor, the needy, the insecure, the East, the Globalist fraternity, some socialists and some centre right and a wee bit of the rest of the party..
Who is Skeptic! Of Course it’s the nationalist historians, freedom fighters, die hard democrats, Nation Staters and those who see Brussels conspiracies.

The EU Parliament in Strasbourg. It finally got its way on something in selecting a new Commission Bogey-man.
Where this newly empowered European institution will lead us is any ones guess. Image 2014 

A Der Spiegel journalist once remarked to me “A problem with Europe is its people’s willingness to follow leaders without properly realising where they are being led.”

But then I heard an Irish say “You can’t force people to go where they don’t want to go.”
And so there we have it! The difference that is, between concepts and strategies, even policy and political philosophy.

One group thinks and chooses while others trust and follow. Both seem to work and both seem to fail. “It’s order in chaos & chaos in order!”

The Strasbourg parliament should assert itself within the Europe project. There needs to be many mechanisms for open and transparent debate should the Federalist movement prevail and unite citizens.
While at the same time use these same mechanisms to create an exit should the project lead us into political folly and confusion.

8 Jun 2014

EU Crisis: Why Brit Skeptics are Right to Oppose Tunnel Vision Juncker & the Federalist Agenda.

In the eyes of the British and their skeptic allies across the continent, latest assessments on Brussels diktat rule are clear. Federalist agendas have made a mockery of their own slogan “United in Diversity.” The unchecked march to “More Europe” is over, over, over.

Europe must change direction away from “A Tunnel into Chaos. It must reform its modi operandi. The Skeptic genie is out of the bottle and will grow in strength with every unpopular Law, Decree & Suggestion emanating from the corridors around Place De Luxembourg in the heart of Brussels European Quarter.

·         It’s not just the conceited, self-assured crossing the square each morning to go to work.
·         It’s not just the bitter taste of decline and humiliation of those told to shut-up and tighten-up.
·         It’s not just citizens watching the bludgeoning gravy train rolling on and on; never, never, stopping at their station. Or any station.
·         It’s not just the fancy, but meaningless, slogans and speeches from EU officials.

I was told today Golden Dawn sang the Nazi Party hymn yesterday;
 outside the Greek parliament no less.
 But hey, somebody has gotta show those Troika fellas what’s what.
 Main Image taken in Skeptic Netherlands. 2011
President Herman Van Rumpuy said in his state of the Union address, October 2013;

 “We are not living the nationalisation of European politics, no, we see the Europeanisation of
national politics”……..he went on to pronounce;

·         In all the immediate action for ‘survival’, we never lost sight of the long-term.
·         See our efforts to build a stronger monetary union, ,
·         See how we carefully avoided to fight this crisis by sowing the seeds for the next one.
·         We will come out of this more resilient, I am convinced of that.
·         The political will of leaders to preserve Europe's unity, to preserve Europe's future cannot be underestimated.
·         The rest of the world has discovered our determination, a determination that was top often underestimated.
·         We have shown it these past five years, and we will continue to do so in the years ahead.

He then says;

·         I know the European idea is under pressure in a lot of our countries, if not all…….  
·         But ultimately, we will convince people not with rhetoric and words alone (even if words are needed), but with results, with growth, with jobs.

And so fellow citizens, that’s the point………………… the results……………A ground swell in extremism and a full on embattled debate between National governments and the Federalist agenda.

 Who dares wins /who wins takes all.

This ain't no Tunnel of Love I see ahead but interesting times……….. Arbitris Consuli Continuare ..the debate continues

31 May 2014

E.U. Crisis: Formation Lines Emerging After Skeptic Election Surge.

The De Facto “High Priestess” over Europe, Chancellor Merkel, endorses EU Federalist Jean Claude Juncker’s Commission presidency hopes. 

The Skeptic camp based in UK, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands and Sweden, have voiced opposition to his selection.

To them he is an unyielding candidate, totally dedicated to Brussels style Federalism at all costs.

Main contenders, Martin Schulz LF & Jean Claude Juncker  RT vie for  votes to be commission president.
Do the skeptics really care. Is it already over for them. Are the Federalists gonna forge ahead regardless and
re-create an EU out whats left. Europe just got interesting again. Main image: by European Parliament service.    

This internal election will be a second test to decide if Europe is about to split into ideological warring groups, dedicated to all out victory over reform.

Juncker declared his right to rule after the European Peoples Party won largest party, but not the most seats. In the recent parliamentary elections, his share of the take was 24% of the votes and 34% of the seats.

A pretty impressive number, even if it is a drop in party MEP’s.

However, there is no given right to rule, in the rule book! A slip of the tongue perhaps or perhaps a divinity, after all, this man is very used to ruling.

Many candidates will be eligible for the vote and consensus should prevail in the end. One would think so, but then Brussels is technocratic and opaque.

Oh Dear, may I raise my hand to ask for more!!!............. Europe is just so interesting these days.    

26 May 2014

E.U. Elections: A Time to Listen: A time to Reform: A Time for Participation

Three issues dominating the European Union, Reform for Governance
The free movement of People and the Euro. A real opposition is on its way
to the EU parliament. The days of living on easy street are
over for the technocrats. Image: Strasbourg and Frankfurt. 
2014 E.U. elections have returned the roots of a strong tangible political opposition into Europe’s parliamentary chambers. It is a long awaited opposition to the unchecked faceless technocrats and passionately obsessive Federalists who have been leading the project to date.
Across Europe the results show a backlash to how the Union is managed by those in Brussels. Change must happen and happen soon.

The first big tests for the new embolden parliament are centred on three issues

Reformation of governance; Swift change from technocratic rule to parliamentary democracy is vital.
Without the mechanisms to alter major political and economic courses set by a few Federalists from Luxembourg and Belgium, then democrats across Europe will simply leave the Union.

The second issue is the free movement of people across Europe. This is a fundamental principal and pillar of the Union. But citizens who work hard all their lives and who have built up their strong economies are loathed to hear on TV documentaries; how new arrivals of often marginalised people congratulate their hosts on how generous their benefits systems are to them.
Marginalised and vulnerable people need to be settled, educated and given a sound stake in their future. Not tour their neighbour’s benefits systems willy-nilly for easy money and claim it’s their right to do so under EU law.

The third issue is the Euro. The statement in July 2012 by a wealthy Banker in Frankfurt, that he would do, “whatever it takes,” to save the Euro rings echoes of Moby Dick.

If the ship is not built properly to safety specifications then don’t expect it not to sink in a storm.

If the new opposition is not respected and these issues are not resolved in an open and transparent manner; then failure for the project in its present form is assured within the next 5 years.

21 Apr 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Reflections on a Dress Rehearsal: Moldova – Transdniestria.

Dispatches from TIRASPOL, April 16-2014/ITAR-TASS/:
—Ukraine is becoming concerned over Transdniestria’s calls for independence —

—Transdniestrian authorities ask Putin to initiate recognition of republic’s independence. A majority of 97% voted in 2006 to join Russia Proper. —

—Russian President Vladimir Putin proposes to intensify dialogue on the future of Transdniestria —

A Russian separatist from Tiraspol, capital of the breakaway
region Transdniestria, pictured on an APC during the 1992
conflict with the former Soviet republic of Moldova.
Image from the series Post Communism 1989-2003
 — “This is one of the most complicated problems we’ve inherited after the collapse of the USSR—
—It has a population of over half a million. People are very pro-Russian and there are a very large number of Russian nationals—

—Armed Ukrainian Nationalist formations have already been deployed to the border with Transdniestria by Kiev. The situation should certainly be stopped as soon as possible,” the Russian president said—   ……..ends

This is not the first call to Moscow authorities for recognition but Crimea’s re-unification with Russia has now intensified the issue.
Tiraspol lawmakers claim Transdniestria is legally similar to Crimea and that any process towards reunification with Russia should follow the peninsula’s recent process and procedures.

History of the 1992 conflict:
The Transdniestrian conflict started in March 1992. The first clashes occurred between Moldovan police and Transdniestrian militia near the city of Dubossary, which resulted in armed hostilities. By that summer, it developed into large-scale fighting around the former Soviet closed city of Bendery. About a thousand people were killed with tens of thousands made refugees.

The conflict was stopped after a peace agreement was signed in Moscow in July 1992 with Russian peacekeepers sent into the conflict area.

Situation Today 2014:

Many Moldovans, especially the elderly, are moving eastwards into Transdniestria, prompted by lower energy costs, security and higher pensions.  

Recently, Several hundred people from the front line pro-Russian village of Dorotskoye, (situated on the left bank of the Dniester river but under Moldovan authority), are suggesting holding a referendum on accession to join the breakaway right bank Transdniestria region.


In the following Spring/Summer weeks Kremlin confidence will surely expand, and why not! Who in the West can attempt to stop a society voting to re-join a re-surging Russia!
Moldova was impoverished because it failed to anticipate western intransigence when it comes to dealing with the Bear. It separated itself from Russian industry and influence.
Ukraine faces the same painful outcomes to this EU fuelled crisis.
Russia will take back its Soviet era loaned resources to former Republics, leaving outer buffer zones of poor lands between itself and the West.

Lands no-one wants or cares enough about to either finance or annex.

17 Apr 2014

Ukraine Crisis: When Two Styles Make the Walk. Real Crisis is Energy.

War news reports a Bear walk to another separatist victory; same style just a different costume.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin sends signals to EU & Nato. Simple….. forget taking over former Socialist Republics.  
Victory walk by Tiraspol Russians during the separatist conflict between
breakaway Transdniestria with former Soviet Republic of Moldova in 1992

The Baltic States, Belarus, Poland & Moldova are in a quandary. They are caught between a Russian hard place for a multi polar world and a western rock for cheap energy and steady progress towards EU expansion and globalisation.

Energy, now there’s a topic. Western Ukraine, Belarus the Baltic States are rightly and arguably old Polish & Hapsburg territories. Cut off from the fold after the clash of empires during 1914-1918 WWI. Since the end of the USSR and during this current crisis they look west not east.

But this is walking backwards not forward. We share the planet ensemble. Energy is creating real dangers for us all. A century past, fossil fuels were the latest style of the day. If the hat fits wear it. Now the hat covers our vision and makes us deaf to warning cries.

Ukraine today 2014. Same walk for Russian separatists in a different
costume. The excuse may sound the same but a vision of victory
is focused around the worlds energy problems.   
The Security Council knows there is 46yrs of oil left, 63yrs of gas left and 120yrs of coal left. Energy matters. It overshadows the political ambitions out of Brussels, Warsaw, Kiev and Minsk.

Fossil fuel is out of style. Society is required to kick off its cruel side effects.  Natural Gas damages us less than coal and oil.

So, Russian gas and not Russian masks may yet prove to be the current peacemaker in this historical regional political & military crisis.