3 Mar 2011

Tunisia and Lybia fight on

Her Master's Voice

"When I am on holiday, I am not foreign minister." Declared Michele Alliot-Marie, the French foreign minister, who has resigned following weeks of criticism over her contacts with the former leadership of Tunisia.

This politician offered the Ben Ali regime, now tarred as a "Culture of Corruption," to send the French heavy squad to help defeat the citizens of Tunisia seeking change and democracy. She actually supports a discredited dictator.
former foreign minister Michele Alliot-Marie offered to help punish citizens seeking democracy.

"I do not feel that I have committed any wrongdoing" she said. It later transpired she was fiddling about in the cookie jar looking for gold plated sweets.

Mon Dieu! Mon Dieu! The times to start, or to finish, the times of lightening, or of suffering, My God! My God! ( Edith Piaf).

And those in Paris, London and Berlin who have never agreed much on anything in the past and who play the political one- up- manship for the home game have the gall and audacity to undermine the EU external service minister Cathy Ashton. Ashton was given a mountain to climb and no doubt all the dodgy nods and winks of support swirling the corridors of a Byzantine court in the Place de Luxembourg.

Ms Ashton's response might look limited. Getting some of Europe's foreign ministers to support democracy during an overdue popular uprising is a problem, never mind the Buzzcocks. The EEAS needs to speak for the EEAS. It is her job to be an alternative to the likes of Michele Alliot-Marie.

the EU's Cathy Ashton

Right now Ashton needs her voice to speak for Brussels. It is Brussels opinion we want to hear. It should reflect the spirit and view of the European project and not the chameleon interests of London Paris or Berlin.

Revolutions begin at home, make one in EEAS Brussels.

27 Feb 2011

The Irish election 2011, Sinn Fein goes South

In post heady days of Banker rule in Ireland and elsewhere, a severe hangover from the long party of greed has produced election results for a party of change.

Sinn Fein is on course to play a part in contemporary Irish politics after eighty years in the cold. The ruling Fianna Fail party of Ireland’s first president and IRA uprising commander Eammon De Valera, who split from Sinn Fein in 1926, has lost its mandate to govern; being accused of betraying the nation to bankers and property developers. But bankers and developers are not the only ones to carry guilt and responsibility for the mess. 
On the March. Sinn Fein pictured in Belfast 1989 during the movement's
 transgression from armed struggle to political success.

Opportunities are lost and won, as Sinn Fein knows very well. This opportunity to put Ireland first before the ingrained pursuit of financial and social betterment at all costs, which has bedeviled Irish society as a struggling emerging nation, will be tested from the beginning.

The Irish who had most in life generally had little money, but owned a wealth in music, culture and pride. They are admired more for this than their over inflated six million euro property prices which stand up for ridicule.

Europe is now part of the landscape, Art of Superstate will also be tested this year. Dealing with the EU needs attention, flair, vision and firmness. But most of all results which work to move Irish society forward.