31 Jul 2008

Missed a flyght

I was to fly back tot he UK last night for a short and not very important visit. At the airport I was taken aback by the nature of the toilets. Apparently we men are able enough to decide most of the things we generally do in life.......holidays, eating, genocide, rape etc etc.......But at Schipol airport the wise people have instructed us were exactly we should pee into the bowl to get the least offensive relief...........You are expected to pee on the fly......and why a fly I ask?????? There are more undesirables in the Netherlands right now including the Butcher of several thousand Bosniak men and boys.

Anyway, because of the interest I sallied about making more pictures and eventually arrived at the gate as the plane doors were closing.....but worse, security took my sun block lotion....they must think little of the great British weather