14 Oct 2012

EU Crisis: Nobel Sides With E.U. A Prize Too Far or Clever Thinking.

Naming the European Union winner of the Nobel peace prize 2012 gives much need moral boost to Brussels Federalists. The prize was awarded on the basis of past work to establish peace after the horrors of European civil wars. Most of this sterling work was prior to forming the EU in 1993. It is right and fitting leaders of post war Europe are honoured for their fantastic efforts. Europeans are grateful. But alas this prize was not given to Europe but to the European Union, which in the eyes of the majority of its citizens, is now but a pseudonym for bureaucratic Federalist institutions based in Brussels. Institutions perceived as dividing not uniting, punishing not helping and most of all detached and devoid of anchors to present reality. 
SIEG FRIEDEN "Victorious Peace." Reactions range from bizarre to well deserved.
The Oslo based peace prize to the EU may divide rather than unite. 2012

Whom of the internally appointed presidents will rush to Oslo to claim the laurel. No doubt all three will want to go and produce a mistake on a colossal scale.

In the midst of unpopular technocrats, a harmful crisis some refer to as “financial war” and waning trust in the purpose of the European project, non federalist will interpret the award as very bad timing and taking sides in an effort to shore up fledgling Brussels reputations.

It is noble to applaud past achievements. It is toxic to side with failure. For it is under the watch of the current three Brussels presidents that Europe is vastly divided in hearts and minds over whether Citizens should follow them any further.

If these presidents have any sense of strategy left they should renounce any attempt to make political capital for the federalist cause and allow all Europeans to win a sense of thought over why the board made their choice. It would be bitter irony, if on December 10th, would be Emperors were in Oslo collecting a peace prize while nations were being racked by civil strife and fire from Athens to Madrid. A situation some incorrectly regard as a creation of Federalists policy.