25 Jun 2012

E.U. Crisis: The Cyprus Effect, And the Band Played on in Frankfurt.

As another one bites the dust, the financial Opera sadly continues to play out a broken dream.

Cyprus may not be difficult to bail out but the effect on Banker's and Federalist's moral must be devastating.

The dominoes fall, the sinking ship takes on more and more water, Europe's leaders falter at the crossroads and at the Frankfurt Opera the band plays on at camp “Occupy.”

The despair of some citizens, subjected to what is becoming an experiment in forging an elitist banking community, is turning to cold resistance in the form of plebiscite.
Frankfurt Occupy Camp summer festival. June 2012. The Euro to soon face
 the music as Cyprus becomes the latest victim of the banking crisis.

From inside the Frankfurt camp there is growing awareness that a resilient rag-tag bunch of activists are fast becoming an effective focus for banking misconduct and a tourist site for the city.
It was hard rock and good vibrations at the camp on Saturday night, June 23. Bands performed for passing citizens while blasting away at the Frankfurt ECB. tower. Home to Czars of Money.

Feeling the pressure, plain clothes security emerged from inside the Tower during broad daylight to harass and confront private citizens with crude threats, intimidation and attempts to steal cameras. 

Local police, when interviewed about the incident, pointed out these security personnel have no legal right to approach private persons on the public highway. Frankfurt police are to approach the Bank for a response.