28 Dec 2012

EU Crisis: Federalist Europe Launches First Salvo In Battle For Britain

The British P.M. (it is claimed) is at the centre of Superstate's future. If UK goes to referendum and the outcome is a new beginning, then such circumstance will consign the European Union to history and commence another chapter in Europe's rich, troubled and remarkable history.

EU fixer and president of the council, the feeble Herman van Rompuy, proclaimed to the Guardian newspaper that David Cameron's quest to find new accommodation for Britain could cause immense damage and unravel the whole European Union. That to cherry pick which laws to submit to is to undermine the Union.
But is it not Brussels which cherry picks the salami sliced route to Art of Superstate, often behind closed doors and beyond public view. The British will never go for this and soon others will follow. In fact some are already there. Brussels strategy towards unconditional federalism is flawed, damaging and does not inspire confidence.

!970's London. A time when the EU seemed a good idea.
Jaques Delors challenges Britain to become a looser partner as the EU moves towards fiscal and political union in 2014.
This declaration of an undemocratic “Fait Accompli”  will hardly win praise from the nationalist and patriotic fronts.
A leading UK diplomat and some officials working in the Brussels Bubble is warning any British attempt to disentangle itself from the EU would generate great bitterness and recrimination. The separation would not be amicable. It would be an extremely messy divorce. Britain would be more isolated and weaker. It would be completely crazy. The disposition for being friendly to the UK would be about zero. It's pretty much at about zero already.

It is exactly this forcing hand which is increasing Skeptic rank and file supporters.

Wolfgang Schäuble, one of Europe's most powerful politicians, said Britain would be shooting itself in the foot if it terminated its European membership. British departure would “See a friend walk off into the desert.”

This German finance minister greatly underestimates the muscle of an Atlantic swell.

Cameron is expected to deliver a speech on Britain future in Europe within weeks. It is being billed as the most important and fateful of his premiership as polls now show skeptics passing the 51% mark in favour to exit the EU.
In reality there can be no Art of Superstate, no Dimension, no New Europe. The Federalists in Brussels and Berlin can not hope to turn the rising tide of mistrust and doubt in time for a UK referendum. There is hardly any of the 27 who wish to donate further powers to a discredited E.U. commission. For Euroskeptics the commission is discredited in purpose and existence with feelings running deeper and deeper to the point of never again.
Oh how hard it is to watch the pride before the fall. Yet, 2013 may still give some credibility to the Mayan prophesy of a catalytic change.