12 Feb 2014

EU Crisis: Brussels Fumes Again at Democracy.

The Swiss are to be punished by the EU for voting badly in a democratic process over the burning issue of free movement. Naughty democrats are at it again.

All sorts of appropriate retaliatory actions are flying about from the Eurocrats' munitions store. Most of it is hot air of course. Even a fool can see if Brussels moves against Switzerland in any form of sanctions then skeptics will win another battle in convincing the electorate the EU is dictatorial by nature.
The EU Crisis paid a visit to Little Switzerland this week with the promise to
punish it for voting badly. The juggernaut of change picks up speed
for the up-coming verdict over Democracy verses Eurocracy.
Image Jan 2014. The road to Lucarno

For some countries this nature is already established as de facto. There is no going back for the UK over Europe.  It is difficult to locate any meaningful support for the EU among the populace, either in the papers, cafes, bars, homes or on TV.

Over-reaction from Brussels to democratic votes, through displays of rage and recrimination, smacks of paranoia. Eurocrats, Bureaucrats and Technocrats just can’t keep up with the changing political landscape sweeping across the continent.

This sweep is about two options for Europe. There is one Europe which doesn't mind following the EU and all its Technocratic mechanisms. For this Europe the democratic deficit is expendable to a point where the means justifies the end. Just what that ends is, is very unclear.

The other Europe is the rest, the northern and central Confederate Nation States. If the UK leaves, and it is looking very likely, the question is who will follow to create the democratic balance to Eurocracy.

Little Switzerland may be about to deliver more to Europe than just the cuckoo clock.