16 Jan 2012

Austerity Needs a Workout: Occupy Arrives at Davos to Confront the Beast.

Eurozone crisis is in a phase of salami fed doses of bad news followed by more bad news were the bad news is, there is more bad news.

This anaesthetization process (austerity) entails degrading living standards for millions of Europeans. A rise in unemployment for young hopefuls. Forced retirement for those in middle age, who once cast aside from the workplace, will never see a job offer again. An enormous squeeze on pensions as Europe's golden age population increases and markets can't or won't pay out. An increase in authoritarian rule and erosion of right to protest.

Austerity medicine is being force fed across Europe with little signs it will cure the patients. Getting fit by correcting one's diet should be accompanied with an organised workout programme to trim excess. Going on hunger strike only results in weakness followed by death......
Champagne globalists rule the world in 2012
The financial markets are pulling the political donkey by its nose-ring. They are affecting everyone's lives. They control society with their credit ratings and bond interest rates. Their authority is measured in what governments don't do to suit their industry. The world belongs to the financial markets. They care little for the human suffering their actions inflict on those who seemingly have no means to match their great power.
Che Guevara looks out from
a Brussels window 2012

Identifying the financial market as an out of control menace to society is a definite vote catcher for nationalist and populist movements. But standing up to Wall street and the city of London can be attractive also to the silent majority. After all this crisis is the part result of de-regulation and the greed it fuelled. It is often referred to as irresponsible capitalism. Chaining the beast can and will bring it under pacification.
Occupy is heading to Davos in Switzerland where the bankers and investors gather each year to plan their annual agendas. It will be interesting to watch if force is used to contain their protests as has been the case in earlier stand-offs with authorities. Such actions will reinforce the common belief that democracy itself is the target of the so called 1%.

Europe's leaders should carefully respect the continents recent past. Bowing to the orders of the globalist champagne elites will provoke a ground swell for revolutionary action.