31 Mar 2015

E.U. Crisis: Angela Merkel Sings, I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Trust for the European project, and especially its leadership, is evaporating as fast as capital flight from Greek banks.

The federalist’s dream is becoming a muddle in the puddle of pessimism and foreboding as the democratic will of nations gathers momentum.

As usual, in the Byzantine world of modern European politics, blame is forever the hot potato one strenuously avoids to handle.

For Alexis Tsipras, forcing Angela Merkel to make the decision to evict Greece from the Eurozone would support Syrizia’s role to introduce the Drachma, devalue and become competitive. “Look what the Germans did to us.”
The Lone Star of  European Unity Chancellor Angela Merkel calls out to
Greeks behind their barricades. But does she sing Hello or Goodbye.
After the euphoria of  German reunification a USE is now off the
 immediate agenda.  Image CDU 2015, Berlin 1989, Nicosia 2015.

It would be a mortal body blow to the E.U.  “This is what to expect if you get into trouble, regardless of whom is to blame!” Their cry would reverberate around the Union. “Why follow a Union which doesn’t share burdens and transfer profit and loss where it is needed!”

The answer of course is, there is no transfer Union in place to implement such tools of governance; but if we were to have closer Union both fiscal and political then this would be all so possible.
And you see that’s the crunch. Do the people of Europe buy this promise? Or do they trust their own to govern their own!

Merkel publicly states she wants Greece to remain in the Euro, but to struggle on till 2050 to repay all debts in abject misery and poverty if necessary.  “Maybe this will be unacceptable to Greeks and hopefully leave of their own accord.”

It’s the muddle in the puddle again for the EU and who’s to blame for its coming failure. “I don’t know why you say goodbye I say hello.”