15 Jan 2017

EU Decline: Mists Lift off Brexit’s Pillars.

 "We are leaving. We are coming out. We are not going to be a member of the EU any longer," says the British PM.

And so says the labour opposition but in different words. “We are not wed to free movement”

The mists surrounding the pillars to uphold Brexit are beginning to clear.
Power revolves in Washington this month. Incoming president Trump is facing a counter-attack by those he spectacularly defeated in the November 2016 elections. They are wedging obstacles into his programmes before they have started. US ambassador to Brussels claims Trump wants to see the break-up of the EU. The ambassador calls a break-up “Lunacy.”

Mists clear over Stonehenge during the 2017 new years day .
The ancient pillars have stood the test of time for their connection with the people and its environment.
 From the series "Antiquity."  
This is hardly a shock. The EU is doing that break-up all by itself. US observers are asking which countries are next to leave. There are a handful of northern countries with large swaths of Euroskeptic voters. Some of these countries finance ministries give the maximum life span for the Euro and ultimately the Europe project at seven years.

So seven years is what Europe has got to clean-up the Brussels mire. EU Break-up is assured if there continues to be no change to Brussels’ determination to pursue federalism at all costs and beyond consultation with Europe’s citizens. Inclusion, co-operation and humility are words they could learn and practice.

All great man made edifices standing the test of time are built in rock, stone and with the sweat and labour of people.

The EU needs to realise it cannot trick Europe into its mystic utopia by shrouding its aims in secrecy.