6 Jul 2012

EU Crisis: A Disastrous Liaison, Chancellor Merkel Breaks A Taboo

It was a week that changed everything. Taboos broken and mindsets changed. It was the end of Art of Superstate part 3 and the beginning of part 4.

A disastrous liaison. Oh what a Brussels night! Commander Merkel suffered a setback, a blackmail, a loss of German dominance over the Eurozone, ambushed by the French, Italian and Spanish alliance. Sent home to mull capitulation to easing austerity and providing better terms for bailout Piggies.

Isn't it wonderful to see the nature of Europe today. Hooray! division and resentment reigns once again. Some say France will not join the Core but will move over to the Confederate Nations of Europe with the UK. Others say the UK will leave the EU.

There were also some new realities. The summit saw the Chancellor make bold steps to forge banking union as a prelude to new political creations. Reactions came from Netherlands and Finland. They questioned this strategy crying they will not pay the debts of other Europeans. But it is done. Germany has broken a taboo to speaking openly about forming Superstate part 4.
Watching me watching you. The week the taboo was broken on too big to fail. The
Law moves against the banking criminals who brought the West to its knees.

The ECB will use massive financial loan mechanisms to tackle the problem of troubled banks. And this was the week the biggest taboo of all was broken. To big to fail was cast aside. A disastrous liaison between bank folly, politics and the family of citizen taxpayers was finally cut.

It was the week when the law turned on the Big Bang of the 1980's which produced the Big Gang of swindlers over past decades.

There is only one war in Europe today. Not a war between nations and self interest, the 27 is still intact. No! Superstate is still safe. The war is with renegade bankers, bond vultures and an industry so big it is spinning out of control and beyond effective management. In short, casino banking and financial markets have become an existential threat to the security of citizens.

Banker bashing is now a legal obligation after police uncover financial crimes riddling major banking names. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors until the spotlight is cast. For the banking industry exposure reveals a wretched nest of greed and corruption. For political classes, well they may still be the the same old lying sods they have always been, but at least these days they now realise who butters their bread.