30 Jun 2013

Too Big to Fail, Too big to Jail; The Anglo Gang Remains At Large

Vying for notoriety. Can the Irish Anglo Gang
upstage some of the greatest Bank Robbers of time. 
In the intriguing case of the Anglo-Irish Banking scandal it seems state and citizens were marks for daylight robbery and ridicule.

Questions over why the bank guarantee went ahead in 2008 under fierce doubt and criticism is now being linked to the “Golden Circle,” a network of political influence and the wider financial spectrum.  The Anglo tapes allow us an insight into an absurd banking culture but it also highlights contempt the sector has for the integrity of nation states and its citizens.

If the Anglo gang behaved the way it did then so does all other similar financial intuitions. Such is the nature of a dog eat dog culture, comparable to the nature of any criminal stratum which cares less about anything beyond self-gratification and perseverance.

It is no surprise to hear accusations this conspiracy and treachery involves the ECB, Euro guardians and the Troika. It will be no surprise if they were/are involved in orchestrating this biggest robbery of recent times. Conspiracies do happen. Anglo is proof of guilt but justice will never be served. Why, because, this conspiracy didn’t lose the battle.  It walked away in a giggle with 60 billion of Irish people’s money.   While the conspirators are alive and at large there will be no culpa or retribution.  Golden Circles are just that, they are too big to fail and too big to jail.

Until shock is surpassed by anger and until anger is tempered by resolve, the best citizens can hope for is token revenge. No doubt that will be served on those who have passed away or some unfortunate expendables of no tangible threat to the “Golden Circles.”