30 Aug 2011

E.U Crisis:The New European, Populism humbles Federalism, A Renewed Awareness about Citizen Inclusion in European Politics.

Populism is not a dirty word; Defined as the People verses the Elites, its attraction is in urging social and political changes to represent ordinary people's needs and wishes.  It commands popular appeal. Originally a seventieth century movement against industrial change, it recently represents  unqualified modifications (Burqa Bans etc) to unpopular social issues. A camaraderie of the ordinary guy in the street against a small group of professional politicians who profess to know  better than the people. It stands against those who say the people are stupid and brutish and that Elites should be the ones to make decisions on their behalf.
This sounds very much a scenario were revolutionaries are asked by the people to address the imbalance of excess authoritarian rule. But it's not. Populism is just another 'ism on the long road towards a totally inclusive society. Boy have you guys in Brussels got your work cut out.
How is it possible the Elites messed up such a popular project as the Post War European Union to the point where they see citizens as populist revolutionaries challenging their political mistakes, financial excesses and now rudderless leadership.
What is the point of mass education to understand social and political systems. And, for the teacher to then accuse these student  of being dangerous, simply  because they have become aware. 
The well-being of the political process and the understanding of democracy has to be newly acquired by each generation. Democracy requires political education. This in turn requires political inclusion and activity. Each generation is not born with memory or experience.

Elites need to accept they no longer can act alone in deciding what is best for the people. They are ready and able to do that for themselves.  Rotterdam 2011  
But  it also  true strong intuitions promoting  dissemination  of memory and experience makes learning much easier . We now have memory on tap. It  beams into our homes via the Internet . History is forever in the reality of our present and future. Now is the moment to secure a place for our memory and experience on the front line of efforts to advance civilisation. Who will follow us into democracy unless we  present an example for others  to follow.  
The shrieking Brussels cry of “Dammed Populists” towards those seeking reform and change is evolving in tone. It is fast becoming the battle cry of rattled Elitists alarmed at the swell of  popular movement which in fact embraces intellectuals, professionals as well as the stupid and brutish. Citizens rightly question the Brussels lack of collective spirit, their dis-jointed actions and especially their Prima Donna leadership.
This is not the time for dammed revolutionaries. Not the time to create change without safe direction. It is the time for the newly educated masses to be listened to and engaged with. Citizens  should be given the electoral responsibility to take necessary decisions about the crisis problems affecting us all. Authoritarian Elitist plutocracy (rule by wealth and power) as a political fashion is finished for the present. Educated populism may harbour the few who preach reactionary mistakes but it also harbours the many who can resolve the problems we all share.