30 May 2016

Brexit EU: Referendum 2016: Can European Democracy Survive “Project Fear.”

From the passion of daytime clashes over the European Union’s “Project Fear,” a worry has arisen that it is no longer a trick, but a new strategic normal to defeat European Democracy.

It is no secret that by 1941, Democracy in Europe was reduced to just 11 countries. How many today across the continent feel their freedom threatened by the vehemently anti-democratic forces in Brussels and their obsessions to forge a new Superstate.

Can European Democracy survive the creation of a Brussels inspired Superstate and the pan-nation army it
needs to ensure its existence. Some British generals think it is the road to conflict and war.
image 2016

A plan was hatched some years back to create a Europe where conflict was to be made unthinkable between its nations. That may be already an achievement to be proud of; but alas this is not the achievement of the European Union but rather the efforts of Nato and the five members of the Security council. The alliance of the US, France and the United Kingdom was the drive behind the peace.

Now the European Union wants to duplicate the security institutions of the Atlantic alliance and create a pan nation European Army, under whose control none knows. There is no stomach for it at the moment in Europe but if countries lock into the Five Presidents of the European Union’s master-plan for Political and Fiscal union by 2025, “Project Fear” will be already rooted in EU strategy and policy. It will be playing its part in creating the demons and the enemies to the EU’s existence.
Make no mistake about Federalist intentions up to and after 2025. For them it is a win all lose all game.

Once a nation is rooted in a “No way out” Superstate, “Project Fear” will become the organ of conflict and wanton confrontation beyond the control of its member states and their citizens; conflict, which will not be between European nations, but between regions, economies, those who have and those who have not.