17 Apr 2014

Ukraine Crisis: When Two Styles Make the Walk. Real Crisis is Energy.

War news reports a Bear walk to another separatist victory; same style just a different costume.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin sends signals to EU & Nato. Simple….. forget taking over former Socialist Republics.  
Victory walk by Tiraspol Russians during the separatist conflict between
breakaway Transdniestria with former Soviet Republic of Moldova in 1992

The Baltic States, Belarus, Poland & Moldova are in a quandary. They are caught between a Russian hard place for a multi polar world and a western rock for cheap energy and steady progress towards EU expansion and globalisation.

Energy, now there’s a topic. Western Ukraine, Belarus the Baltic States are rightly and arguably old Polish & Hapsburg territories. Cut off from the fold after the clash of empires during 1914-1918 WWI. Since the end of the USSR and during this current crisis they look west not east.

But this is walking backwards not forward. We share the planet ensemble. Energy is creating real dangers for us all. A century past, fossil fuels were the latest style of the day. If the hat fits wear it. Now the hat covers our vision and makes us deaf to warning cries.

Ukraine today 2014. Same walk for Russian separatists in a different
costume. The excuse may sound the same but a vision of victory
is focused around the worlds energy problems.   
The Security Council knows there is 46yrs of oil left, 63yrs of gas left and 120yrs of coal left. Energy matters. It overshadows the political ambitions out of Brussels, Warsaw, Kiev and Minsk.

Fossil fuel is out of style. Society is required to kick off its cruel side effects.  Natural Gas damages us less than coal and oil.

So, Russian gas and not Russian masks may yet prove to be the current peacemaker in this historical regional political & military crisis.