19 Aug 2011

EU Crisis: Federalist Dream is over, Confederate Nations of Europe Begins

Federal Europe is dead and gone it’s with Monet and Schuman in the grave. Citizens have lost faith in any lure for a federal Europe. The Brussels mandarins have failed to hold the thin line of confidence while bureaucrats in France and Germany acknowledge it is useless to try and rescue the Euro as it stands. No more good money after bad. Across Europe today, citizens are pointing their thumbs downward to the idea of any vote for more Europe. 

We are looking at the strengthening of the Confederate Nations of Europe at the expense of  ideologist Federalism. In reality this is the creation of a two or three speed Europe. A mix of platforms from which there can be national debate, ambition and motivation to join or not to join other groups. Where decisions are made from tangible examples rather than from the fear and necessity being currently proposed by rattled Federalists. 

2011 ends the Federalists Dream; Enter a new Confederate Nations of Europe
History will debate who lost the Federalists dream. The Brussels Bubble will no doubt be accused with an exaggerated truth about incompetence. Debate is often unclear and unkind. There will be some who will see this historic year 2011 as the product of a combination of growing citizen power to challenge the top down elitists and others the decision by China, Russian and Iran to stop US and EU capitalism from stepping further beyond its borders. The financial crisis will in some fashion bear major guilt. 

But for me, Federal Europe failed to materialise for the reason citizens just didn’t trust it. It was the terminal Federalist weakness that citizens recognised, that some ideology does not always deliver what it says it will and sometimes,  it is best to let it fade away.   

Confederate Europe embraces sovereign national spirit which forged the diversity of European nations. Maybe in this new alliance will strength return and allow Europe to play its full part in the emerging global game and where the stronger vanguard core can help the weak to become stronger.

14 Aug 2011

Leader Cameron Delivers Repression to British Citizens who Need British Help.

Designer Riot-shopping  sends new shock waves through UK  as  recession begins to rip Consumer Society .
One has to ask why  mass arrests are justified  for the socially excluded poor who took to the bizarre designer riot-shopping while the people who created the mess are permitted to carry on business as usual.  
House Evictions and excessive punishments show  leader Cameron as  a person who has failed to understand his responsibilities to the whole British nation and not just that part which supports his party.
  The Culture of Speed, mass media, advertising in Modern and Post Modern times.
The coming of immediacy. The dressed society, urban cultures and
 the aestheticization of peoples lifestyles. The presentation of consumerism
into all realms of human life and of course who is normal and who is not.
From the series War & the Plastik heaven 2009
The six months Jailing of a student for stealing a bottle of water and the social gloating over these punishments which do not fit the crimes signal the beginning of the end for the British  coalition.
 As pressure mounts over the coming weeks people will come to see the London riots for what they were. An opportunist outburst of anger and envy by a small mindset of the British community against the mainstream. The mainstream needs to connect and fix its patients,  not reject and punish them un-necessarily.
In the light of recent church, political and financial scandals, the  calls for morality, ethics, honesty and loyalty sound hollow coming from those establishment figures who have literally raped and pillaged this society for so long with glaring impunity.