13 Aug 2011

E.U. Crisis: Berlin Wall: 50 years later Berlin again is at the Crossroads

The symbolic Berlin Wall in November 1989.
 I remember the city's energy purring like a baby lioness. 
After this weeks launch of one of the biggest recession in modern times, Europe is again at the crossroads. It faces an unimaginable mountain to climb. Not just the big pile of money which frankly, is of lesser importance next to the social disorder waiting in the wings. Should the money problem be put first before the welfare of citizens then Europe is in bigger trouble than it cares to admit.

Look out for the only two options open to Europe and the creation of Art of Superstate part 3.

1, Closer union and the spreading of wealth and debt. (with lots of problems and work to be done)

2, Two speed Europe with Germania Magna leading the Core Vanguard over the catch -up Med Club.
   ( the easy option and one to end the dreams of Jean Monet and Robert Suchman).

The big question is will Superstate's citizens have a say and will their wishes be respected. Berlin is at the heart of Europe. Mistakes have been made there in the past. Now Germany has position and  power to lead Europe with approval. Has Berlin the will...............................

12 Aug 2011

E.U. Crisis: Friday Afternoon: The End of an August Week with a Show to Entertain the Most Bored of Society.

The Mother of all Recessions  got off to a flying start last Monday The City Boys Gangs  rolled the dice while the Mob Gang rolled into town. After a week of playful  activity the week ended as it mostly does with the crowd looking forward to a Sunday morning media reflection cos there’s not much to do. 
I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday I'm in love................................the Cure.
What’s  come out of the week is a rash of statements from high to low from Foolish and  Panic, to Rumour, Dictatorial and Spiteful which pretty much sums up the situation we are all in.  As the BBC business reporter Robert Preston put it....  “Are they completely bonkers”……
Curfews, social media and Internet shutdowns, a ban on wearing face coverings and throwing those on the street as homeless if convicted of rioting were among some of the spiteful responses emanating from levels of British society against the protesters. Nothing new in this of course.  The City Boys Gang got off with a temporary shutdown of one of their Casino tables. 
One thing’s for sure if the causes are not addressed then the symptoms reoccur  for both the Gangs of the City and the Street.
And what’s also sure is the shocking realisation that politicians don’t expect to get burnt when playing with fire. As one gang member put it;
 "These are the people who got us into these situations and now we're realizing they don't know what they are doing. The market's finally catching up,"
"Sitting on the fence, Katwijk beach Netherlands. Wish you were here."
Politicians blame Internet social media and hand phones for the effectiveness of the rioters and their ability to organise.  A commenter  on the BBC website wrote;    
 “The most important tool we have ever had. It enables the people to be heard as much as big business and our government…….. There is now pressure to control and suppress this united voice under the "we are trying to protect you" guise…….. 
You see this is the world we are and human nature is the same as before.                                       
I don't care if Mondays black
Tuesday Wednesday heart attack
Thursday never looking back
It's Friday I'm in love………………………………………….
What we also saw this introductory week to the Mother of all Recessions was the spiteful reproach of politicians towards the people they are meant to serve for being recalled  from their annual holidays. Reminds me of when I worked in the Belfast picture agency Pacemaker Press during the Irish troubles.
We recalled the director to work from his holiday in the West of Ireland after the IRA murdered a senior British Royal (Lord Mountbatten) while holidaying in the same area.  The director moaned and groaned about his sacrifice for the agency for the best part of the following thirteen years.

11 Aug 2011

E.U. Crisis: London Riots: City Boys Gang V Mob Gang call Thurday morning Ceasefire, leader Cameron says Life's all about Morality.

Thursday; Here's Why I Did Not Go To Work Today. Sung bt Harry Nilsson...
When I'm feeling Thursday
I go and have a drink
If Thursday was a boat I bet it'd sink……..
Crisis news:
Thursday morning sees a ceasefire in the weeks E.U Crisis “Tunnel of Uncertainty.”  (see  below post). The City boys Gang V the Mob Gang take a welcome break to count their money and their dead respectively.
The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, hit out at the rioters (mob gang) for “a complete lack of responsibility, a lack of proper parenting, a lack of proper upbringing, a lack of proper ethics, a lack of proper morals”.  “That is what we need to change.”

Life in Core Netherlands looks out across the North Sea from the Hague towards London,
  Yeah, Thursday's such a crazy, lazy day,    Let's go have a picnic, Hope it doesn't rain….
Thursday's such a crazy, lazy day……. 
When the week becomes a rat race
You can bet, win, show or place…..
But never bet on Thursday
'Cause God's not on its case………
In response to Cameron’s  critique of the situation a Guardian reader quoted the following: 
While bankers have publicly looted the country's wealth and got away with it, it's not hard to see why those who are locked out of the gravy train might think they were entitled to help themselves to a mobile phone. Some of the rioters make the connection explicitly. "The politicians say that we loot and rob, they are the original gangsters," one told a reporter.
Another explained to the BBC: "We're showing the rich people we can do what we want also."

10 Aug 2011

Prime Minister Cameron’s Patronizing Scolding of Disobedient British Children Disguises Serious Establishment Failures. Yes it’s Humpy Wednesday Already.

Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins… Leaving the note that she hoped would say more … Stepping outside she is free……..

Over in the rich part of town the City Boys gang fights to re-group…….but as one investor gang member said  “this rally could be short-lived. It's possible the bottom has been met but it is too early to say so, you never know what more bad news may be coming around the corner."
Postcards from the U.K's Silly Season are a big hit with today's youth. riot pic-epa  
And the analysis goes on & on
"I'm not sure how it will all end. This area will be a target because it is wealthy. The problem is that in this country we live in extremes of rich and poor. We need to live in the middle, like they do in Scandinavia."

"That Cameron doesn't know what he's talking about. He's lucky he can get a holiday. These kids don't get a holiday. I was one of these kids…. it's bloody hard for them. There's nothing to do at all. University fees have gone up, education costs money. And there's no jobs. This is them sending out a message."

She (What did we do that was wrong)
is having (We didn't know it was wrong)
fun (Fun is the one thing that money can't buy)
Something inside that was always denied, For so many years.
She’s leaving home Bye, bye.

9 Aug 2011

E.U. Crisis: “Good bye Ruby Tuesday.” London’s burning and the markets are crashing. Are you not being entertained.

It is a long long week when its days become one big event. The Mob Gang is on the streets and the  City Boys Gang are on edge.  Shares take a hammering after a severe loss of confidence is fueled by the US downgrade, amidst further strife in the beleaguered  Superstate part 1 & 2............. Are you not being entertained.


Ruby Tuesday released in 1967 is a song about Mick Jagger’s  girlfriend Linda Keith who left him for Jimi Hendrix. .. Still I’m gonna miss you...... ............life on a Rotterdam wall                                                                                  
“There's no time to lose, I heard her say, Catch your dreams before they slip away”  

A chief investment officer, told the BBC that investors could see no way out of the current troubles. "You can't control it. You have the onset of fear in the market. There are a lot of things that don't make sense."
Lose your dreams......... and you will lose your mind.
"If they are able to keep a lid on yields in Italy and Spain then they will succeed in stopping the markets creating their own reality.”
Are you not being entertained…………………………………

7 Aug 2011

E.U. Crisis Enters the Tunnel of Uncertainty

Monday Monday, can’t trust that day. This week the Euro crisis enters the Tunnel of uncertainty  A week never to be forgotten. Nerves are on edge. Fortunes will be lost on the markets. The awakening of the multitudes to a prolonged storm of hardship will hit home through the evening news channels.

In reality it is just decision time. In politics nothing happens by chance.  Over stated threats have for some time become part of the new culture of fear being spread among the population to replace  expensive wars. We seemingly have more to fear from statements emanating from the offices of a credit rating agency.  Virtual money on the stock market is transforming itself into virtual losses which the taxpayer is being asked to bail-out. It’s getting scary out there and the thing is people, global leaders are seemingly unable to control the monster they created. More fear.

It isn't the tunnel of love for this weeks Euro crisis reality show as the Eurozone faces collapse
 Pictures from Rotterdam and Dusseldorf 2011

It was politicians who created the Big Bang in October 1986 when deregulation became self regulation – which seemed sometimes as though the City Boys Gang who took over the block made it up as they went along.

The Big Bang City Boys Gang now has governments by the throat and is asking not only for money it creates out of thin air but also for the political clout necessary to save it from any vengeance by Mob Gang.

This week will show if politicians have it in them to stand up to the market monster. They know if they don’t their positions will be first to fall to the Mob Gang who are licking up to elements hell bent on securing a fist fight with the City Boys Gang.   Fear is not a one way ticket.  Some people this week may feel terrorised by the markets and while one answer is to terrorise the terrorists, the other is for strong leadership.