15 Jan 2011

Art of Superstate will save Szekely land

Gathering winter fuel in Szekely Land
 after the Romanian revolution 1990
  The desire to right the wrongs of the past are always with present generations. This is a common factor in Europe where for centuries warring nations have left bitter legacies for others to correct.

The case of the treaty of Trianon was shameful, counter-productive and cause for resentment. Drawing a line through 100% Hungarian areas cutting them off from Budapest and handing them over to neighbouring countries was the work of vindictive fools.

Since the emergence of the E.U. Superstate the causes for armed conflict to correct the mistakes of the past have been diluted and in some cases removed altogether. Should Belgium decide to split apart, as it most likely will, it will be done through referendum and not violence.
One of the privileges of belonging to an Empire or a Superstate is self determination becomes less of an issue within the boundaries of Empire as long as that Empire is growing and its subjects are doing better within, rather than beyond its Pale. Hungary has first- hand experience of this. The case for Budapest to embrace Hungarians just beyond their present border is strong and most probably legitimate.

However any idea to extend Hungary’s border to encompass Hargita and Covasna/Kovászna is unwise. As Superstate grows so the mistakes of the past will fade from memory and importance. Culture is a strong force. In the E.U. Superstate the remarkable Szekely culture of east Transylvania will be further protected and encouraged as the historical treasure it is.
The Sun and Moon are the symbols of the Székely, representing proto-Hungarian gods. After the Hungarians became Christians in the 11th century, the importance of these icons became purely visual and symbolic. Their original religious significance was lost. The Székely have succeeded in preserving traditions to an extent unusual even in Central and Eastern Europe.

14 Jan 2011

Tunisia and the World, belongs to Me

A child protester at the Hague International court of justice
 While driving past the International court in the Hague today I came across a small, but visually police protected, protest. Women, children and men of good breeding formed an orderly chant against Ben Ali's discredited regime in Tunisia, the former home of Hannibal Barca, the great protester against Roman mis-rule. Strange description I know. But it not usual that highly educated and well heeled members of society take to the streets to voice protest at political wrong doings, from time to time.

If this event is significant it is because good people are ready to protect citizen interest around the World. Governments are rightly coming under more democratic scrutiny. Their time on this Earth as the instrument of unbridled Capitalist adventurers is slowly being exposed. If Tunisia can win and with a low causality of patriotism, then strong democracies with their experience of community resistance can shed the scourge of financial vampirism sweeping Europe and the Western system.

Hannibal Barca was a military insurgent of immense importance. Today’s Tunisia at the Hague international court showed clearly, people, and the WHO matters, can out match, out flank and outlive the mis- rulers.

13 Jan 2011

Gimmie shelter, the Hague court of justice

It is widely expected that the tribunal, based at the former headquarters of the Dutch security services in The Hague, will indict several members of the Shia paramilitary group Hizbollah for the assassination in 2005 of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri.
 It is also widely expected that the Hariri tribunal which does not have its own police force to arrest suspects will create tensions between Shia and Sunni Lebanese citizens. It would suit some Western powers if Hezbollah were to engage in an internal dogfight with other Muslims. However it will also destroy credibility in the Hague (Den Haag) as a force for justice as it might be seen as a political tool for these powers.
 If the Hague wants to become a centre for credible justice is must also be seen to be pursuing all war criminals and not just those declared as enemies of Western interests.

11 Jan 2011

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero fails Basque politics.

All peoples have the right to seek self determination. Most modern democracies have filed past this route to become societies based on freedom and secular tolerance. America, Israel, India, Croatia, Finland, South Africa. The list goes on. However the means to acquire this self determination is usually reflected in the behavior of those refusing to grant it. Palestine and Belgium are poles apart.

Armed struggle is a weapon of last resort. A prominent Belfast IRA Republican commented some years back that ETA had missed opportunities to grasp the tide of modern means to achieve their goal of independence.

In rejecting ETA’s announcement for a ceasefire, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has failed to exploit a rare moment of clarity. Spain has enemies in the bond markets and will be attacked later in the year by the financial vigilantes.

If ETA says to three million Basques peaceful means doesn't work and declares full secession will Zapatero send Spanish troops during a financial crisis to quell an uprising. Such action would crush the young EU Superstate. Peaceful means must be given the chance to work.

Left: A United Kingdom wall mural.