3 Jan 2009

ArtNews: Pluralism is dead, Syncretism lives O.k. :

The Art of many styles is over. Its reign in the nineties past the optimism of the new millennium has grinded to a finish. Its noble message of multiculturalism, diversity & tolerance embodied in such persona as Schuman, Delors & Kohl is buckling under the pressure of a militarist culture rising from the efforts of extremists. The approaching deadly Wars, through manipulation, public fear & moral corruption will ensure that the coming years will provide the masses with a suitable decoy to the financial hardship which will syncretise the living & cultural standards of Europe as its leadership speeds up imperial ambitions.

29 Dec 2008

The Masada complex

looking down from a roof top in old Jerusalem; same as it ever was
The current crisis, may prove to be more stubborn and damaging than first intended. It is one thing to ride the tiger it is another to control its direction.
As with the people at Masada and the first crusaders, events can lead to unimaginable tragedy. Modern initiators of confrontation should remember not to break off more than they can chew.