8 May 2012

A New Wind Blows A Changing of the Guards. War Notes from Germany, A Country of Peaceful Overtones.

The mood from some German people thinking about the euro crisis and its fallouts  is “Please don’t leave Germans alone with all the power.” This, they say, its not good for everyone, including Germans.
“Follow through with the dream and Germany will play its role in making Europe secure and prosperous for the challanges which lie ahead in a global world.”

“If we fail”...they say....  “to unite and include UK in any future arangements, then Europe faces a dangerous and uncertain future.

Germans say mistakes have been made. There is growing acknowledgment about the role of the EU commission in Brussels....... A recogniion of a grossly dysfunctional, arrogant and corrupt white  elephant......often the cynicial comment of the British euro-skeptics on such a matter. 

the changing of the guard-left of Paris
right of Moscow. May 2012
 The Merkozy alliance lies in tatters. The tactical error of giving election support to the President of Bling has, as suggested, proved damaging to Chancellor Angela Merkel.....what a pity she listened to others and not her political instincts...........As a result, the Saxon Queen is observing a combination of moves forcing her towards checkmate in 2013. There is a new wind blowing from left and right as Europe watches the changing of the guards. Austerity is being pillared by the people, as are those politicians who can be located for punishment. Political failure must know the world it lives in.
Same face, old job

Germany can be the heart of europe...but can Europe be the host of that heart....this cisis has now brought Art of Superstate to the crossroads for a great decision to a great question..........Can Germany convince the UK to cultivate Europe as the strongest economic and the strongest democratic force on the planet. Or will confederate nations of Europe grow as the Euro core consolodates. The Saxon Queen has little time left to make her place in history...she should use it wisely...........