3 Mar 2014

EU Crisis: Ukraine Hits the Wall: Revolution to Coup or Vice Versa.

The weekend coup, revolution, liberation or occupation, depending whether one is Russian or Ukrainian, was nonetheless a Moscow stroke of tactical genius worthy of respect.

EU and Nato where hapless viewers in a movie style battle scene - a play out exposing the phoney nature of a dream to rule a roost from Atlantic to Urals.

No wonder a US official from its foreign corps recently said “Eff” the EU.  Polish, German & French foreign ministers sent to Kiev to sign a negotiated settlement, reneged on the deal hours later and basically spat in the face of Kremlin tough cats…….one big miscalculation…Just like nearly everything Brussels puts its hand to these days.

Careful with those mines missus!!!!! Crimea again the centre of Ukrainian political future. The Kremlin
stages a bloodless week-end take-over of the region in response to Kiev's Western backed
revolution. Image: Mines cover the "Road to Odessa" during the 1992 Russian
separatist war against the former Soviet Republic of Moldova.   
The EU has no army. They would love one.

Ukraine has an army. It’s a dove one.

West might send a force. Russians will shove one.

It’s a cold war that’s been cold for too long…

There's always another excuse. We've just to fake one.

Maybe up in Belarus, Lukashenko can make one.

Needs a better plan. We gotta bake one.  

It’s a cold war that’s been cold for too long……

In the serious world of Kremlin politics, terms of democracy are still being defined. Until this progression is fully understood and accepted, defending every wee bit of Russian turf is still a generational obligation.

Regardless of what imperial dreaming goes on in the minds of Brussels Federalists, Russia is still by far the world’s largest country and potentially it’s most dangerous. Now it’s up to US experience to breath regional diplomacy to warm a chilly Siberian wind.