25 Jul 2012

Eurozone Pain in Spain: To Catch a Falling Star and Put It in A Bailout

An endgame at last for the beleaguered Eurozone in it current form. This patient, already in an intensive care unit since last year is beginning to respond to diagnostic treatment prescribed by an array of observers, critics, specialists and skeptics.

And, it's finally decision time for Greece, Spain, Italy and France. Options are clear. You can stay in the club but under German leadership and German rules or leave the Eurozone, devalue and become more competitive.

 An endgame at last for Stars of the Eurozone drama. How it is played out
 we must wait for the last act.  2012 & London 1973
Can Spain stomach a full blown bailout. Can it sell the humiliation which goes with Troika stomping through Madrid. Can Rome and Paris secede power to the new powerful bankers who just last year were arrogantly flicking champagne over citizen protesters as they marched down Wall Street. Can French music drown out the jokes and the smug laughter of victorious technocrats clicking their fingers to demand how high French officials jump.

Not an accurate analysis I know. However, this is how it will all be perceived during the technocrat occupation of Madrid, Paris or Rome. There is also the possibility the Troika will be lucky to make it from the airport to the hotel in one piece.

The situation is almost clear. It's a new concert from when Greece leaves. Who dances with Germany down the line must be sure they know their steps in keeping up with the tempo. Who leaves the Eurozone must speed up reforms towards securing efforts to rejoining the zone. Or, sit and watch sullenly from the benches while a new Euro super-core waltz its way to dizzy heights. 

23 Jul 2012

Spain Hits the Wall.

The markets have gone after Spain. Italy is firmly in their crosshairs. Today Monday July 23 Spanish 10yr bond yields surged beyond 7% and into the zone most analysts regards as imminent sovereign bailout territory. Its credit rating is next to junk. It's back to summer madness 2012.

Viva Espana. From Moorish Andalusia to bars in Madrid, Spanish
submission or resistance to the notorious Troika will be tested soon. 2012
Two of Spain's regions Catalonia and Valencia are broke and seeking Madrid's help to pay the bills. Before the crisis Spain enjoyed a boom funded by North European Banks. Now they want their money back. Debt money talks louder than guns these days but the results are the same, pain and suffering.

Will the Spanish go along with a Troika (European Commission, IMF & European Central Bank) takeover of their country. Who controls the finances calls the shots is a favourite German expression.

But it can not go on like this much longer. Never in the history of conquest has a country submitted to aggressive Imperial will without some degree of resistance. In pledging total commitment to the Euro and the expansion of Superstate by financial coercion, the Troika (and this is now what it stands for) continues to alienate citizens from the very idea that more Europe is a good thing. 

22 Jul 2012

E.U. Crisis: Democracy Confronts Masters of the Universe.

Bank of France warned the whole world is at risk and Europe’s leaders still have failed to grasp the nettle. But what nettle.

Euro skeptics are adamant it is the fault of failed political European leadership. Those who created a flawed product, namely Der Euro, or those multi-kulti arrogant self centred wishy washy Federalists in Brussels. And now it's the austere puritanical Germans led by unmoving and unfeeling Chancellor Angela Merkel, de facto president of Art of Superstate.

Yes, there is some truth to these allegations. But then again, the blame game is always a bit of the truth surrounded by a whole heap of baloney.

The second truth is this crisis is part of a Banking industry spinning out of control and its activities as directed by Masters of the Universe.

The world is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practised in past centuries. …....David Rockefeller at Bilderberg meeting Baden Baden 1991

Merkel recently broke a taboo to face down top bankers, as has UK politicians in the Libor interest rate fixing scandal. They have come to realise the catastrophe these reckless and feckless people are bringing on our society. More importantly they realise an imminent backlash, as citizens consider too big to fail is now becoming too powerful and threatening.

Tower Power. Frankfurt's financial district grows stronger and stronger. 2012
The real confrontation between society and the Masters of the Universe has yet to come. The muzzling of this wild and dangerous financial sector will not be an easy walk in the park.

Barclays former UK chief took on the British establishment. Barclays has “Wow” assets of $2.5tn, "Too big to fail". However he did fail and might now face criminal charges. Banks have also been caught out laundering money for a spectrum of criminals including Mexico's drug cartels. And to make matters worst up to 17 Trillion Euros of wealth is salted away in off shore accounts by the notorious 1% avoiding taxes, while placing the burden of bank debts and the austerity programme on the shoulders of society.

The financial industry is the cause of this present collapse and crisis. Since de regulation (Big Bang 1986) the Masters used their economic power to tear down laws, rules, and regulations introduced in the 1930's Great Depression specifically designed to protect society from this sector's greed.

By the year 2000 virtually all of those early shelters were dismantled. After 70 years of regulation it took just 7 short “Boom” years for today's unethical banking to bring us to this mess. And, the plausible unravelling of European Union.

Only war has a bigger negative impact on society than a full blown financial crises of this magnitude. ............The head of the ECB Mario Draghi recently proclaimed to Le Monde that the federalist EU project is misunderstood. All in fact is still OK. Mr Draghi was Goldman Sachs International vice-chairman for Europe between 2002 and 2005. He is alleged to have been part of the team which doctored Greece's application to join the Euro in the face of that country's glaring failings to meet the EU's economic criteria. He answered to the following questions;

So is the Euro still in danger?
No, absolutely not......that underestimates the political investment in this union, as well as the support of European citizens. The Euro is irrevocable!

Does your time at Goldman Sachs make you uncomfortable?
No, indeed, I value this experience of the world of finance and of the private sector.

           ..You support the calls for political union made by Angela Merkel
Moves towards a financial, and political union are inevitable. This will lead to the transfer of sovereignty. One must remember that with globalisation, it is precisely by sharing sovereignty that countries can better preserve it. In the long term, the Euro must be based on a greater degree of integration.

Meanwhile citizens are preparing for a breakdown scenario in 2013 by forcing their parliaments to work for sovereign democracy and not for globalist bankers.