15 Feb 2012

E.U. Crisis: Financial Markets V Democracy: The Return and Rise of the Populist Backlash.

Members of the now disbanded Magyar Gárda explain their reasons for joining the movement in 2009. But have they really gone away. 

So I became a Public Enemy: “Without laughter, life is not worth much”
Public Enemy Monika is a 20 yr old university student. She decided to join the Magyar Gárda for the reason she simply had had enough. At first her father refused to support her joining the ranks of the Public Enemies but as things got worse he changed his mind.
Democracy itself is a good thing,” she says. “But unfortunately this is not the case in the present House of Hungary. People are being led by the nose. Today only traces of equality, democracy, freedom of speech can be found in our society. The most important values of a public enemy are those of honesty, trust, mutual interests. And, of course the humour. Without laughter, life is not worth much.
So I became a Public Enemy: the most effective way is personal example”
Public Enemy Imre, is a married 43 yr old retired warrant officer and father of three girls. I came a public enemy because it became possible to express in deeds my commitment to my country, and to my nation. His wife and daughters are proud of their father.
It is enough to think that over the past years official financial terror has run amok causing stress to the people in the name of democracy. According to my democracy this is not compatible with human relationships and human values. We will not voluntarily walk to the slaughterhouse but will resist with a fight.”
Corporate Populism takes root across Europe 2012. As always the question is Quo Bono.
Source: Magyar Garda  website
Europe's far right is embedded in opposition to multiculturalism, freedom of movement for weaker citizens and a range of phobias from feeling threatened by what people wear to how they chose to speak and pray. This is an emotional acrimony to worsening social conditions and political failures. A rallying call for action, or in revolutionary parlance, “Resistance”
The question is asked, who will join Right-wing Populists into a war with multiculturalism, citizen mobility and archaic phobias. The answer is simple. It matters not. For this is not a true fight, it is merely, “A backlash without a cause.”
Today, western society's perceived tyranny fuelling popular “Resistance” is towards the financially motivated class of people who have over the past decades mixed economics with politics. They (Financiers) are convinced that control of society by economic force will maintain their privileged positions to create money without actually producing anything other than a virtual service. They work to make this situation a dominant and unchallenged system of order to enable their role as lord and master over citizens. Fine if they give any compassion to people and their lives who are making them the new Pharaohs, but they don't. They harbour only contempt for the common people and their love for democracy.
Does anyone in these upper echelons, after all history has shown us, truly believe they can win.
It starts with concern, moving to anxiety. This is followed by outbursts of rioting, violence and emotion. When this fails it is all about the Who. Who follows. Always the Who. Who plans and executes the final move to “Cold Resistance.”   

12 Feb 2012

E.U. Greek Crises: A Very European Character, To Hell or Connaught with Democracy.

While discussing poverty over a fine dinner in Belfast 2004, my Greek friend said to me, “When you have nothing to sell you end up selling yourself to survive.”

It instantly triggered a comment during a conversation some 16 years earlier with the former director of publicity for Sinn Fein at a catalytic event which changed attitudes and shepherded peace talks.

Rather be poor and free.” The comment came moments before a car carrying two off duty British army soldiers crashed into an IRA combatants funeral in West Belfast. The subsequent minutes were ones of chaos, confusion and murder.
Eurozone Freakout # 9
The European Union is dying on its feet. 
It is being force led by bankers and financiers who put …..
Money,  Über alles , Merci Beaucoup 
while the Greek people are made to suffer indignity. 

There is a deep conflict of character behind the two statements. Both represent the chilling degree of actions people go to maintain existence and under what sky that existence is acceptable.

You see, self inflicted injury is not the same as assault, even if the damage is the same.

The Greek finance minister said this week, What has particularly bothered me is the humiliation of the country....clearly Greece can’t and shouldn’t do without the European Union but it could do without the German boot.”

Are these the words of a person who suspects he is not wanted. A citizen just humiliated by his bank manager. A desperate householder denied an extension to the overdraft but still clinging to the hope the banker sitting opposite will listen to a rant about his circumstances.

The banker, in all cases, has studied the figures and concluded this client is not a safe bet. Human emotions and compassion are irrelevant in the world of international lending. Ask those who have dealt with the IMF. A country's loss is the moneylender's gain.

Greece, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and others are being asked to join the spirit and glory of an evolving SuperState Europe.....A Europe United in Diversity......but not united in sickness and in health or for better or for worse..........They are being told expect no mercy if they don't or can't keep up with the premier division.

Europe will fail, not on a Greek exit from the Euro or possible E.U. exit. It will fail over the fear and threat to weaker member's of degrading international humiliation and destruction of their democracy.

Luxembourg's long time and well honoured leader has set the tone for the Europeanisation of national political life......”Greece must turn its budget cuts into law,... and have its major party leaders sign up to the program so they don’t retreat after upcoming elections.”

In short, Protect the lenders over the living standards and well being of Greek citizens. And to Hell or Connaught with democracy in that country.

My mind drifts to the two statement above: “When you have nothing to sell you end up selling yourself to survive!” …........“Rather be poor and free!”