27 Aug 2012

Europe's Bright Future: As Good as it Gets

An Essay on Europe. By Martin Nangle

“Jews know why this wall was built,” he said. I looked at him. This young man who had engaged a conversation was most likely the only person on the Berlin tram that crisp '89 November morning who thought as such.
I was there as a photojournalist enjoying the electric buzz of the fall. A generation removed from the European War, I did not share his dangers of German reunification.
At the heart of Europe's future, Germany 2012 is split on which direction
Europe should take. A time for agreed unity. Picture Nov '89
It was the end of history. No not history. The end of “A” history. History does not stand still, it comes to a concurrent conclusion by sowing the seed for a new one. 
It's remarkable to experience the birth of ones own history and the closing of the previous one started by my grandfather's generation. He was captured at the Somme in 1916 and sat out that conflict on a farm in Southern Germany. Lucky for him and lucky for me. I suppose.

What my mind discovered, walking the streets of Berlin over the following days, was a simple description of one's own history. It belongs to a couple of generations, if it is not your story then it is not your responsibility and getting involved is a mostly matter of choice.
What I didn't consider was the man's statement on the tram. That came later during my tours of post Soviet Empire, The Levant, Yugoslavia and Brussels..........continued on http://martinnangle.blogspot.co.uk/p/europes-bright-future-as-good-as-it-gets.html