22 Nov 2012

EU Crisis: Brussels Now a Major Problem to European Unity

Europe has come as far as it can go before entering familiar murky waters of forced-fed union. Fear about the future is on present debating cards. The Greece saga epitomises this fear to take proper decisions leaving citizens wondering what's it all about. On one hand there is Germany wanting to develop its full potential but worried about what the neighbours might think. On the other hand there are those in Brussels who want jump into dark waters but haven't a clue how to swim in it. The Brits are cautious and of course the French are just being French. All in all, there needs to be new universal forums around much needed Brussels reform and to clarify what modern Europe means to its citizens and what is expected of it. The Brussels approach in peddling fear of the past as a means to its own federalist ends just hardens resolve to ask “Why do we need you when you are the problem.”

Brussels gets darker and darker, its message gets weaker and weaker. A new
campaign to promote itself is planned for 2013, but is it already too late. 2012
With the exception of those formed to counter external threats, experiments in force-fed empires, large and small, have been violent and short lived. The successful Roman, Celtic, Carolingian, Hapsburg, Ottoman have been European civilisation its self. Their success being the history, lives and culture of citizens, their societies and the nation states they created from those times.

Contemporary Euro federalists and other Brussels institutions don't fit into a category of society building. And everyone, except themselves, know it. They follow hollow dreams which have no real support. They have no credible response to European suspicion about uncertain directions offered by incompetent bureaucrats. Yugoslavia is a good example of their moral desertion to citizens in need of help. Until Europe puts enough distance between its recent clashes of financial and military competition, the best it can hope for is joint management of the continent.

The British are right to question Brussels credentials, but wrong to jump ship. They are much needed to lead the EU reformists group. A group on the rise and the best group to rethink a new structure for Europe. Most of Europe is a wonderful place to visit, enjoy and live in. It deserves a chance to model its destiny for a future role on the world stage. What is More Europe at present, but a bickering, back-biting, backstabbing ritual between Brussels institutions. News to open the "House of European History" with a start date of 1946 to celebrate historical memory and awareness of European identity is proof enough. Brussels cannot agree on European history prior to this date. Skepticism is not Europe's enemy, forced-fed federalism is.