12 Aug 2012

Sovereign Nations Looking More Like Home. More Europe Reaches New Lows.

It was always going to be a hard sell. It was always about the test, the probation period to see if it could work. The push to forge a European Superstate, (the Europe Project), has hit new lows in popularity with Europeans. Cry our beloved countries sings ever louder over Le Place de Luxembourg in Brussels.

It was the brainchild and baby of post war political elites. Some would cast doubt on whether there is anything at all elitist about today's federalist technocrats. One thing is for sure, this bunch have messed it up big time.

Trust in Europe's Federalist Elites has all but evaporated as citizens find renewed faith in the
national spirit. Banking becomes the most despised of professions. Image Frankfurt 2012.
When did anything grandiloquent performed by pretentious civil servants ever succeed without the approval of society. Even the Soviet Union flourished and died on this principal.  

Failure to perform effectively has suddenly left sovereign independent nations looking more like a safer home for families, their culture and their future. More Europe looks increasing like a menace to individual freedom and more of a home to those who worship power and money.

The elitist few are totally to blame, failing to effectively direct the ship when it entered choppy waters in 2010. And there is worst to come in the Euro crisis, regardless of the huff puff blowing from the Eurotower in Frankfurt's Kaiserstrasse.

Who will follow the Euro to a destruction of their beloved countries. Italy is not a weak dependent economy like Greece. Spain can split apart and Catalonia is still stronger than Greece. Struggles for national independence is embedded in folklore and culture across the continent. The original strategy to frighten Europeans during crisis into a united Europe is having the opposite effect. Art of Superstate needs to rid itself of the Brussels Bubble, change political course and engage citizens in meaningful dialogue about self determination. The federalist dream is now the political nightmare of the old, the vain and the rich. We are talking decades to correct the mistakes of these so called Elites.