5 May 2013

EU Crisis: The Freaks Are Out: Fruitcakes Make Stinky Cheese Election in England

Conservative education secretary Michael Gove said people supported The British Euroskeptic party Ukip (UK independence party) because they were suffering economically and were fed up with politicians.

He compared UK political elites to an after dinner cheeseboard, in this case the dinner being the English local elections, and described the situation as;

“There exists a sense of exasperation with the political classes. We (the three main political parties) do sometimes seem like pasteurised cheese on the cheeseboard and then Ukip is the rich, ripe, stinky alternative and people think: ‘Don’t mind having a slice of that.”

Described as fruitcakes and clowns, Ukip is promising a political earthquake in the forthcoming EU elections

Nom Nom Nom!  The flavour of stinky French cheese on British Europskeptic palettes, washed down with Spanish or Italian wine is enough to rally voters to any freak show.

Populist! Populist!  Populist! I hear a very gentle sound from the Place De Luxembourg. “We will convince the people” whispers Brussels. But convince it must and without further delay. An acid test will be one year from now as European citizens respond to Austerity and its leadership in EU elections. Ukip is promising a “political earthquake.”  

The fabled Mary Celeste may have lost its crew and direction, but with whom this ghost ship now personifies? UK or E.U, this is a decision for the voters.