17 May 2012

E.U. Crisis. Open talk of Euro Break-Up Sends Shivers Across the Channel

The eurozone must decide soon whether it wants to stay together or break-up,“ The British PM told MPs in Parliament. “The eurozone is tearing itself apart and the UK would not be unscathed,” said the governor of the Bank of England.
Frustration with the way Eurozone leaders have handled the crisis is seriously damaging confidence. If any was ever there in the first place.
The Strasbourg party gets more like an acid trip each month as it drifts
away from the reality of events facing Europe. photomoderne 2012
Austerity alone is not working, as told to the Euro politicians time and time again. The haughty pride which stalked the power corridors of Brussels is humbled to ridicule by the citizens of Superstate. Strasbourg looks increasingly more like a bizarre comedy of errors. Situated on the edge of town just off the highway and at the end of an industrial estate, this structure says nothing of importance to the visitor. It is surely the most expensive chatter shop in the history of parliaments.
And it is all not over yet for “Art of Superstate.” The crisis has yet to bite hard into the homes and living standards of the people. When the first wave of robbing the public by the investment bankers came in 2007, citizens were taken by surprise. The financial markets and the 500,000+ per year salaried gamblers got away with their massive bailouts. And, returned to practise their same old tricks, speculating on the misfortune of countries, food and energy.
As a second tsunami crash looms off shore threatening to engulf the E.U. one can not believe the public will sit idly by and bow down to the banker once again. But, as Greece heads for more chaos, as Spain looks about to be locked out of the financial markets, as Italy' feels the rising economic heat along with new anarchist attacks, as Germany looses its grip on the helm, as old antagonistic war wounds are reopened and as some northern countries swing to the far right, the President of the European council Herman Van Rompuy, has the answer;

...”Greek people are still in favour of being eurozone members because they know there is no other option for their country, there is no future for their country outside the EU..... In any case, we will convince people of the good sense and the meaning of EU membership by economic results. That’s why we have to stabilise the eurozone and that’s why we have to increase economic growth, and create jobs.”

Does anyone, still believe, these people can run an Empire.