11 Dec 2014

E.U. Crisis: Rampant Citizen Austerity; P.O.W. Torture: Elitist Leadership Failure.

The United States took a hard look at the notorious Bush leadership and its reign against terror 2001 – 2009. It didn't like the reflection.

During and after WW11 many belligerents on the other side were executed for using the very torture techniques the Bush cabal paid $80millon to former army psychologists to update and enhanced these torture methods.
Whereas the CIA was following orders, just like all the others, leadership has choices. The buck stops with them.
Calls to make the Holocaust an educational subject gather strength as brutality, torture and
inhumane acts return to the western sphere. Auschwitz, above, is a place where even the coldest
heart melts viewing capable horrific deeds by Homo Sapiens. Image 2008, during the C.I.A.
rendition of P.O.W.s to camps in Poland and nearby countries which experienced WW11 atrocities.   
In effect the Bush administration sanctioned the physical and mental mistreatment of P.O.W.’s for nothing more than a brutal act of revenge in their acquirement of money. Make no mistake in realising; they at the top in that administration, made a killing.

This bout of in-human nature defies belief after the horrors of the Second World War. Do Homo sapiens deserve a place of prominence on this planet? Can we create a successor species in time before this cancer for self-loathing eats away any hope or any will to proceed further!

In Europe, the pursuit for the subjugation of the continents younger generation is continuing by Federalist elites in the Brussels/ Luxembourg/Corporate family camp.
Their goal to destroy democracy and any resistance to a Federal authority using financial ruin and austere economic domination, is no less a torture to citizens. 

If recent reports emanating out of the fester which has griped even the EU parliament, are to be believed, then none is to be trusted when it comes to promoting the European project or any talk of closer Union.

For these coming years, citizens will need to awake and look at recent past performances of those who would be our rulers. The rottenness of impunity for western leaders, those who schematise world management like the style of a Mafia family, is close to times before the great and terrible revolutions that failed the political evolution of our species.