1 Feb 2014

E.U. Crisis: French President Pinches the British over EU Reform

The British led EU reform campaign this week felt a bottom “pinchier” from French president Hollande to match a House of Lords rejection over the 2017 EU referendum bill.

President Hollande faces questions about
decline in French social and political eminence.
 French children are not slow to
 criticise parental dysfunctional behaviour.
 Image Strasbourg Jan 2014.   
No big surprise, except to further strengthen British skeptic resolve and commitment to giving the public a voice on the matter.

“More Europe” has lost momentum to carry a willing populace towards its goal of political union.

 “More Europe” believes it can steamroll ahead where the end justifies the means.
 In the end Europeans and the world will see the benefits of being led by technocrats and bureaucrats towards a new Utopian Spirit.

 Plans are afoot in Brussels’ Rue De La Roi HQ to present this operandus modi case to the public before the upcoming EU elections.

Maybe it has an audience, but history has a way of repeating its past.  Telling citizens they are no longer trusted in their decision making process is to usher in Dictatorship. Albeit it commences benevolent, altruistic, benign or otherwise, eventually, it becomes self-preserving, paranoid and authoritarian.

French President Hollande’s rebuff to the British can also be interpreted as a sign “More Europe” is deciding its problem child should feel unwanted if not encouraged to vacate the family home.  But President Hollande should know by now dysfunctional parents are also part of family problems.