25 Apr 2013

EU Crisis: Confusion at the Top. A Cat Takes A Nap

And you tell me, over and over and over again my friend, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of re-construction.”

Brussels commission president Barroso warned Europe’s austerity programme has reached its “political and social” limits and the “Dream” was now under threat.  European Council president Herman Van Rompuy has claimed there is a "renewed sense of urgency"

Loose monetary policy risks sparking credit bubbles which threaten to tip the world back into financial crisis. Many banks in the euro area periphery remain challenged, the IMF warned April 2013.
A confused cat takes a nap where a human once lay.
 The E.U. crisis is sleepwalking the Europe project
towards its final  dream before morphing into an
organic awakening. Image Rotterdam 2012
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said “Serious reform is necessary; we are in a serious depression.” In Berlin chancellor Angela Merkel announced “European Nations needed to yield some sovereignty to ensure Europe’s survival.

We seem to find common solutions when we are staring over the abyss, but as soon as the pressure eases, people want to go their own way.”

The chancellor was concerned European leaders will lose their commitment to a closer Europe when the crisis ebbs away. 

The reality is different. Confidence in the EU is now at an all-time low. Euroskepticism is spreading across the continent. It is the people’s commitment to EU leaders which is ebbing away.  Europe is still a great ambition but using the crisis to push for Federalism is an arm twisting tactic that's bound to failure.

Europe’s future is secured in an organic progress. For a modern democratic society, it is all about confidence, progress & security.  Future Europe will look so new and so characteristic we will be astounded. This new society is not to be shaped by traditional political reform, horse trading over who gets what, but born from the knowledge society and its cutting edge - technology. People only need to reach down and pick up the power of universal knowledge. 

Armed with communication and knowledge, society will evolve into a Babylon of groups switching to and fro to defend their interest and self-determination. None can predict the shapes and forms of the groups, but change is assured from this EU crisis of rudderless and confused leadership.