19 Sept 2016

EU Decline: National Populism Confronts Federalist Liberal Elitism.

Vehement federalists and former prime ministers of Luxembourg and Belgium, Jean Claude Juncker (EU commission chief) and Guy Verhofstadt (Federalist leader), speaking on behalf of the pro EU lobby in the Strasbourg parliament (Week 37) looked despondent, sounded angry, became frustrated and appeared cornered.  
"Battle for survival" and "existential crisis" – were phrases used by Juncker.

It was extraordinary to watch. I say extraordinary; most Skeptics and Brexiteers at the parliament session in Strasbourg wanted to hear conciliatory notes.

After the victorious post-Brexit vote it is clear the federalist command went into camera to plan their response. Rather than address genuine concerns and fears about where their federalist plan is taking Europe and its citizens, they have emerged to declare a counter offensive against National Populism.
Brexit revolution throws the  EU into decline. Across Europe the Nation State
is asserting its primacy over a weak and mistrusted Brussels leadership to create
a Federalist Superstate.  image England 2016 
Unstoppable Nationalist Populist sentiment spreading across Europe was treated to a display of attitude and commendation.

These ultra-federalists projected a weak notion they can and will persuade citizens of Europe to accept their mantra of “More Europe.” Sadly it seems, they may have no further intention of even attempting to do any persuading. They show little interest in the views of the people. They are convinced they can ultimately steamroll citizens into their federalist Superstate Europe by a declared 2025 deadline using the tools provided by the Lisbon treaty.

A Europe under threat seems to be the EU federalist’s last throw of the dice. They openly are pushing for the EU army they believe will save their plan. Creating diversions and promoting external in internal threats is a way to temper political and social grumblings. It worked for Rome and the Soviet Union-right! But it only works if you control the orders to send the troops into action-right!

Are they so blind they cannot see the power they craved for slipping away from the Brussels citadel and re-forming in the north nation states and to the east where the politics of culture and identity has gripped its people?  

Of-course they are blind just as they were blind to the idea of a positive vote for Brexit.
As this blog stated in an earlier post, the EU response to Brexit was a planned attack on an East European country with threats of expulsion from the organisation over allegations of corruption and misconduct.  

Hungary has come under a proxy threat from Luxembourg (of all countries) over its handling of the migrant crisis, refugee quotas and asylum seekers treatment.  Luxembourg is renowned for being Europe’s number one big international corporation tax haven. A system set up by commission boss Junker while he was PM there.  
The EU (Junker) also recently attacked an international American Corporation in a prodding attempt to claim the right to set tax laws for sovereign member states-Ireland; and of course the saga of the EU army and the Commissions role (Junker) in invoking it into action rolls on and on.

These federalist pipe dreams are sounding more dangerous and desperate. Their obsession with reaching “More Europe” in its totality is now fanatical and fuelling unmeasured responses from National Populism.

At the latest “Unity” summit in Bratislava, “divisions” were led bare. The German Chancellor declared the EU in a “Critical Situation.” Merkel’s call to correct the “Critical situation” was to drum up the usual taboos-internal and external defense, terrorism, security co-operation, jobs in security etc. 
Reassessment of critical situations, redefining relationships and the re-mapping of new courses is not an admission of failure but a deed of courage to find and lead out of a “Critical Situation.”