29 Jan 2012

Davos Hosts A Council to Control Nuclear Economics. War Clouds Move Over Iran.

The World Economic Forum 2012 hosted a Forum for Economic War. The target is Iran. The race to control the global nuclear power industry uses the old formula, war and money backed with feeble excuses to attack the opposition. 

North Korea and Pakistan are undeclared and unstable nuclear powers. Israel is unpredictable. The world is still here. But there is an obsession with Iran. Can that obsession be oil like it was for Iraq? Or is there a desire to curb the spread of new attained nuclear technology know-how. Economic elites and political leaders at Davos, discuss and perhaps consider a war with Iran? Europe’s leaders recently voted to embargo all Iranian oil imports and block business with its central bank. In response Iran has told Europe it may shut off all its oil supplies to the EU sooner, rather than wait for the embargo to come into effect.

It is the same age old combination of money, politics and conflict which sends many people to an unnecessary death, in order to make financial gain for the Bankers of War.

In Europe, only Greece, Spain and Italy rely heavily on Iranian oil, at present about 20% of its production. China and India will take up that slack for Iran. Saudi Arabia has agreed to supply the short fall to Europe. Is this about sanctions or positioning for conflict?

The Oil Wars, Russia, China, Pakistan have drawn the line
to western advance at Iran. Rotterdam 2011
Iran is not perturbed says its leader Ahmadinejad.

The West must be aware that the Iranian nation does not need them. You impose embargo on Iran’s oil but do not see that the United States has not bought oil from us for 30 years and nothing has happened. You impose sanctions on our central bank. The value of our annual foreign exchange transactions is 200 billion dollars of which only 24 billion is with Europe. Sanctions cannot affect Iran’s economy,”

Post oil, the world is preparing to go nuclear. Who owns the technology wins. Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and at least 40 other developing nations are said to have approached the UN with an eye to joining the nuclear club. But will they buy Western capitalist or Islamic brotherhood knowledge to attain nuclear power.

In the case of Italy, 10 new reactors would provide 25% of their electricity requirements. A new reactor currently costs about 2billion euro. Life span depends on new discoveries. Then there is radioactive waste management costs, decommissioning of old and obsolete reactors. Present costs are tens of billions per country. Is this a business worth going to war over?

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak speaking to business and political leaders in Davos said, “Iran may be close to reaching a point where its nuclear technology slips into a zone of immunity."

Minister Barak called for an urgent culmination of sanctions. “Those who believe that better a bomb than bombing' are totally wrong," he said. "We are determined to prevent Iran from turning nuclear."