31 Oct 2014

Mapping the State of Islamic Authority: Visions of the Kingdom of Allah

In the end, there was never to be any re-construction of the Kingdom of Allah. The troops just left as they always do. After weary unfruitful years the money runs out, citizens loose interest and fearing attrition,  army commanders advise withdrawal.

Just like in the time of Rome’s domestic woes and chores, the “Barbarian” tribes capitalise on the situation and rush to fill any vacuum.

But the goal is not to sack London or Washington, but to claim Islamic authority over the Kingdom of Allah - A kingdom, floating not on prayer but gas and oil.

A Battle for Islamic Authority; Iran and Saudi Arabia locked in a deadly proxy war over wealth, power and influence
The decline of Turkey and the rise of Arab  and Kurdish confidence. A vision of The Kingdom of Allah  2014
Religion, for some, may be a bit of a laugh, but for others it is serious business.

Christianity’s once dominate position in the marketplace for trade, control and influence is no longer a top brand name. It doesn't do it for the shopper anymore.  Asian labour is the “New Trade” – A payoff for the inventing Western haves, to monetise - the work for very little have-nots. 
And in the middle-east vacuum, Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia sees one hundred years of wealth and power up for grabs.

The mechanism for control is the redrawing of the map by Arabs, Kurds and Persians, rubbing out colonial lines drawn by France and Britain after 1918 and post Ottoman rule. 

Kurdish aspirations are as strong as ever.  Turkish PKK, Iraqi  Peshmerga, and Syrian YPG fighters are the now cutting edge of a future Kurdistan.  Islamic State fighters are soldiers of Sunni destiny and defenders of the Kingdom of Allah.

Who will loose!  Can Turkey suffer the indignation of reverting to an Anatolian heartland to ponder its Empire’s final trumpet into history.  Will Iran, if stopped in its bid to reach the Mediterranean, turn east and with Pakistan swallow up a weak and failed Afghanistan.

The map is a vision, not a truth – not just yet!