13 Mar 2013

EU Crisis: A Very Polite Revolution.

It’s a transfer of power. Revolution that is. Or is it uprising and rebellion.  The choice is in the means and reasons for change. 

Revolution has not always meant a good thing. But often, it happens because the status quo fails to respect the people.  Or something like that.

Europe is staring at a new revolution. A very polite Revolution. A movement void of terror from mutiny and upheaval.   Well, so far so good, as they say in the peoples’ committees.
A very polite revolution can sweep Europe beyond the crisis.
Images from the walls of Sandino's cafe bar, Derry. UK city of culture 2013
All this talk about leaping into a United States of Europe is a bit wishy washy. Does anyone really believe Europe is best served by a commission of faceless bureaucrats dreaming up laws and rules people find ridiculous when it suits them to do so.

Recently many people have been persuaded by the Euroskeptics.   Or, have they been persuaded by the Troika Austerity Axis failure to end the financial crisis and the hardship it is causing. 

Either way, where is the recourse to correct the situation. Vote to oust the Troika…..not a choice…they are not elected….vote for the European parliament…..just a toothless talking shop….vote for a referendum to leave the Union…..run away, run away policy brings no change.
Vote for Revolution……….now there’s a thought….the reason is crystal clear and the means is democratic.

Joining the Skeptic revolution is the beginning of a credible pan European voice for change. A political opposition in the making. Less Europe versus More Europe……. Who will win the confidence of the people!

Where do we begin? Why at home of course. National parliaments should revolutionise Strasbourg and Brussels into a democratic cutting edge. Create the means to challenge More Europe for consensual change. Develop real opposing ideology seeking the same outcomes. A safer and better defined Europe. Maybe one day in the foggy distance More Europe might even become more USE.

It’s a thought for a very polite revolution.