20 Mar 2012

Syria Uprising: Asma al-Assad, For Whom Power Doth Crush #3

Re-framing reality is a game most dictators and their wives indulge in. It offers solace, a justification for passing their guilt to others. This is usually towards people they are supposed to serve and protect. There is never any doubt in the mind set of these people that citizens are nothing but a brutish, lowly rabble, lacking appreciation of their masters and all they have done for them.

Asma al-Assad goes shopping for luxury goods in Paris and London while her
dictator husband stays at home to brutalize Syrian resistance to the regime. Facebook 2012 
Being devoid of anchors to reality, while society disintegrates around them, is the story of most failed dictators. It peppers history.

Asma al-Assad's shopping spree for luxury goods in London, Paris and Dubai while her husband brutally crushes dissent and uprising, is proof of the delusion which finally grips the dictators circle.

When it comes to her murder and that of her husband Bashar and his brother Mahar it possibly may be their very inner circle which administers the deed if and when the wolves of the Free Syrian Army get close to the ballroom doors.

That is price for leaving the real world to dance with a power which drugs its victim. The Assad trio may continue for some time to bombard Syrian people and inflict suffering. But for whom, power doth crush has mostly the same outcome. The music stops, the dance is over and and the drug effect wears off. You are lead away from the dance floor to meet a man with a gun.