13 Jun 2012

Commander Merkel Leads Eurotroopers V Czars of Money. The Battle for Europe 2012 Draws Towards Reality.

In my crazy dream I saw the Battlefield. Disorder was spreading through the periphery of the main Eurocore body rolling slowly across the open plains.

Flying columns from the Czars of Money army rushed the weak Spanish brigades positioned to the rear. The Eurocore army Commander in Chief, Saxon Queen Angela Merkel seeing the attack held her nerve while sending reinforcements. These reinforcements bought but a few hours of precious time.

The army of the Czars of Money is exceptionally strong. Its soldiers are well trained and equipped with a fabulous war chest. Sensing unease in the Eurocore ranks it then split its forces 70/30. The lesser group maintained its pressure on the Spanish while the larger force prepared a full frontal assault on Roman guards protecting a major number of citizens. There was a mood of foreboding amongst these citizens, fearing a financial massacre should the Guards falter and buckle under the ensuring fight. Some citizens donned their balaclavas in futile defiance.

The Battle for Europe 2012 centres around the Roman Guard defending Italy.
Picture: GDR revolutionary wall mural Dresden 2012 
Commander Merkel called a council of War advisers to assess the situation. I was there. “Like mad hungry hyenas scenting fresh flesh” I said to her, “the Czars of Money are becoming more and more embolden with each attack on our formations.” Her face looked worried but resolved. She was committed to continue the struggle to move the main body of the Eurocore to safer ground and beyond the reach of the highly dangerous Financial Mercenaries.

Should our Roman Euro-troops fail to hold the line for the forthcoming assault then I fear the battle and indeed the war is finally lost. Commander!” I continued, “ the group we defend is too large and too slow to react to these harassing columns. We must strengthen the Roman Lines. There is no time to wait. Greece must be offered terms it can accept to leave the Eurocore, as should Portugal, France and Southern Italy.

Leaner and faster we can move to deliver the Coup de Grace to this Crisis. Euro-troopers cannot avoid using the invincible might of our most potent weapon. The Eurobond. This done there will be a rush from some of the strong non combatant Nordic tribes to join the new army. Move Now Commander” I urged. “Confederate Nations of Europe will cover the Western and Eastern Flanks. Victory is assured.