3 Jul 2014

EU Crisis: Strasbourg Parliament Evokes Existential Tremors: Skeptics get their top Bogey-man

Juncker gets the top post, Federalists are happy and so are the Skeptics. 

 A Europe consisting of 40% die hard Skeptics will not unite the EU project. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.  Debate over Europe’s direction is getting real and that’s where E.U. parliament comes into play.

Who is Federalist!  Of course, it’s the poor, the needy, the insecure, the East, the Globalist fraternity, some socialists and some centre right and a wee bit of the rest of the party..
Who is Skeptic! Of Course it’s the nationalist historians, freedom fighters, die hard democrats, Nation Staters and those who see Brussels conspiracies.

The EU Parliament in Strasbourg. It finally got its way on something in selecting a new Commission Bogey-man.
Where this newly empowered European institution will lead us is any ones guess. Image 2014 

A Der Spiegel journalist once remarked to me “A problem with Europe is its people’s willingness to follow leaders without properly realising where they are being led.”

But then I heard an Irish say “You can’t force people to go where they don’t want to go.”
And so there we have it! The difference that is, between concepts and strategies, even policy and political philosophy.

One group thinks and chooses while others trust and follow. Both seem to work and both seem to fail. “It’s order in chaos & chaos in order!”

The Strasbourg parliament should assert itself within the Europe project. There needs to be many mechanisms for open and transparent debate should the Federalist movement prevail and unite citizens.
While at the same time use these same mechanisms to create an exit should the project lead us into political folly and confusion.