3 Dec 2012

UN Palestine vote exposes Israel's God Delusion:

It is time to tell humans none was or ever will be chosen by God or any other make believe. What we do, we do ourselves and for this we take responsibility. Israel's hawkish response to the world's acceptance for Palestinian statehood can only be seen as a vengeful act. The kind one hears about in the Bible. The Jerusalem government announced in response to the vote the planned expansion of settlements to effectively cut off East Jerusalem from the West Bank. 

Protesters in front of  the  Field Marshals Hall at the Odeonsplatz Munich
 November 2012,  where exactly 99 years ago Adolf Hitler's failed
Beer Hall Putsch was stopped. Attempts to stop a UN vote recognising
a new Palestine state failed on November 29th  
In medieval terms this would amount to the third holiest shrine in Islam coming under the complete control of a foreign religion. Even God could not withstand the wrath of anger which would be unleashed if that project were to be fulfilled. Well I advise not to expect any heavenly assistance other than ridicule at the notion God has more power than an Iranian Shahed-129 missile capable of hitting Tel Aviv. Or the 40'000 Hezbollah rockets to the north and the Hamas ones to the south.
So is this just a symbolic gesture. A show of defiance before an up-coming election. A prayer to God for assistance or the beginning of an endgame. You see having a vote in the UN is meaningless. We all know this. But to have the power to drag Israel before the International Criminal Court is meaningful.
Jewish settlements are considered illegal under international law. Building 3000 new ones to annex East Jerusalem would easily see its way to the Hague. If Israel defies international law then so can everyone else including Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. New tough boys on the block.
Actually this move by president Abbas may not be checkmate but is certainly check. Only three notable countries opposed the motion, US Canada & Czech republic. Some have suggested in the past that Israel be moved to the US Canada border where there is plenty of land. This can be plan B in the event of all-out war. Meantime it might be better to move Israeli politics towards a new reality that acceptance and respect is a two way thing if it is to work properly.