7 Nov 2012

American Election 2012: Tales of Two Americas

This weeks US presidential election confirmed the thoughts of many thinkers. America's party system is declining faster than anyone believed. Political polarisation and bitterness is dragging the US back to mid 19th century. Issues are not about slavery or economic self interest but a systemic crisis which challenges every major revolutionary period. With this Democratic election victory, an existential split in US society is cemented between those who seize progress with social change and those afraid to grasp a reality that to stay in the past, is to be lost there forever.

Tales of Two Americas symbolised in Democratic
liberal expression and Republican fundamentalism.
Can God save the Grand Old Party from terminal decline.
Against today's backdrop of a worst recession since the great depression, by any book, the Grand Old Party (GOP) should have won over the President. It was there for the taking. The presidents men knew this. In a carefully planned campaign they simply underscored the obvious. America's future is no longer white and fundamentalist. America has reignited its original multi-cultural roots for renewed global status. Democrats know the Republican party can only enter into terminal decline as post election reaction in that party swings more and more towards Christian fundamentalism and certain death.

Lets face it; who in their right mind wants to follow a Mormon President. Mitt Romney is not just a church member in name like most people today. No, he is a disciple and a preacher. That means he believes in some of the most incredible, far fetching notions ever served up to mankind in the form of an organised religion. A cocktail of bewildering fantasy which makes Star Trek and Harry Potter look a slow day in parliament.

America is divided. But one side has a future while the other is consigned to fade and wither over time. As the current Republican party dies from old age, Democrats grow with youth and modernity.

You will never hear a Republican president speak ever again “God Bless America” and actually believe in it.