16 Feb 2011

Tell them about the dream, Martin.

A Martin Luther King Poster in Berlin
Sitting out the heat in Manama 
"No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness, like a mighty stream."

"It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment."

 "Let freedom ring."

15 Feb 2011

Bahrain monarchy, protests and the Berusconi effect

Taken in Bahrain 1991, these young are now men
 looking for revolutionary change. Salute.
While in Bahrain during the 1991 Gulf war I heard the most remarkable story. The place, as you might know, is run by a monarchy, the Al Khalifa family, which is a gang of some thousands. That’s the way things are done over there. You set up a country and you own it, lock, stock and barrel, supported by your US and British allies of course which pays to have military bases there. 
Well this story is about how the Royal Family were getting their kicks. Similar to the Berlusconi effect they liked a little spice in their lives. But given that the country is the size of a major European city it hampers ability to recruit locally and could prove hard to keep quiet. Enter the national airline. Gulf Air, according to my source, British and Irish (blonde) girls were embedded then in their legion of flight attendants, who knowingly became mistresses and party types to members of the Royal clan. Hundreds were involved in the merry go round.
Many people do the same thing, Europe is host such Bunga Bunga at high levels. But most people are not so hypocritical about ruling others on how to morally live their lives.

To maintain control they made sure the selected never planted roots in Bahrain and were returned them home to the Islands where they reside. Thus ensuring they could not follow the Family who owns just about everything relevant in the Kingdom. It was a case of are you onboard.

Who told me this story, A member of the Royal family of course as he used his mobile phone in 1991 to call Dublin to inform his girl she had just been fired. She could keep the jewelry. What a show off. He knew I was British.

Now this same bunch is firing on its citizens who seek a bit of fair play and slice more freedom. A classic case of a minority ruling over a majority and doing it badly. Bahrain is on the list for revolution. Is there a growing demand for a dictators retirement camp.