30 Apr 2013

EU Crisis: Lets Sound Different; An Hallucination or a Real Denial Of Service Attack.

What a way to get a point across. You apologise, retract it and then strike it home. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be hurtful, but”!!!
In the case of French Socialists they make the point, retract it and then apologise. So, what’s the point then! The point is, “People can do things differently and get similar results.”
For those who travel a lot and politicians do quite a bit of hacking around Europe, Modi Operandi among peoples adjust to clear and often obvious factors.
I mean, do Eskimos eat salad. Do Swedes siesta the summer afternoon. And why do Russian ladies wear fur coats in Cyprus!  
 "Stick with it kid" as they say in the movies. " France is becoming unsure if it is all worthwhile.
 Germany is becoming fixed on exporting  an oversized fitness regime for its reluctant clients.
Meantime politicians do agree everyone is to  blame for the wrong decisions. Image 2013 CDU & PS
A one size fits all “Austerity” policy might work in cool Hamburg, but it sure needs a nap in blistering Athens.
Yes we are all different. The big Five, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are the engines driving Europe. Strange the Troika hasn't accepted these engines are not all made in Bavaria’s Motor Werkhouse. Or that they have different break horsepower.  
Look at their history, different as they all are they've still managed to shape the world, culturally and economically. They get there, in the end.
The problem with Brussels style Federalism is it assumes it is the only way forward and not an option to be studied. “Get in there” their supporters shout from the stadium terraces.
It is also becoming clear responsibility and accountability is not on anyone’s agenda for policy failure. I mean it’s a shared responsibility according to Europe’s politicians as everyone is involved in the wrong decision making.  
”What has Austerity ever done for me” I hear the bloke on the Appreciate Austerity Crucifixion Cross (AACC) mumble to the Praetorian Guard below. “Ask Pilate, he put you there” is the reply. “But there are so many governors called Pontius Pilate in Europe today. Who do I blame for my slow and agonising death,” bemoans the dying bloke.
“Simple, he who washes his hands of your crime you did not commit is the real Pontius Pilate.”