17 Oct 2008

that highway to the stars

Were all over the road
In our sexy machine
All the passengers scream
Scream, scream!

I can see my lifetime pilin up
I can see it smashin into yours

Goin from the bottom to the top
Maybe Im holding on too tight

I got a funny feeling
Pilin them higher, higher, higher
Building that highway to the stars

While traveling around this summer, I found myself in the car with my friend who constantly played a Talking heads song composed before she was even born.....we loved it and the words above inspired me to make these pictures..........from the series ....War & the Plastik Heaven... 2008

15 Oct 2008

Heard it before in 1984

Bulgaria 1990

The home secretary said police risked losing the ability to fight crime and terrorism without new laws.

The government is considering creating a giant database to store details of every UK phone call and e-mail sent. bbc GMT, Wednesday, 15 October 2008 13:02 UK

My country has the the most surveillance in the western world if indeed the whole world.....my country has been on a permenent war footing since the Tutor monarchs ruled in the early 17th century.......my country has more computor data on it citizens than it has citizens.............In 2003 I was privy to examine the state computor and read the files on various citizens including myself.....boy I nearly laughted myself to sleep on the amount of political bullshit and claptrap that was there......and I think so did the people that put it there......The police just arnt interested in Mr smalltime nobody...at least not for now.....but then this isn't communism....at least not for now......Crisis?