2 Dec 2013

EU Crisis: Support for Union Utopia Grows in the East While Faltering in the West

Strong feelings stretching from London to Kiev are prevailing against and for the Union. Is the noble idea of European Union going the way of the Eurovision song contest!! We shared a common effort to sing together during the 1960’70’s and 80’s. Now this show (the song contest I mean) represents an out of tune affair with little interest from the west other than the giggles its bizarre content supplies.   

But at least it is somewhat entertaining if not a bit childish. On the other hand there is nothing laughable about the mounting task facing Europe to sort out its EU future. More and more Brussels central is being portrayed as self-serving. The EU is increasingly becoming a personality with its own distinct character; an entity shaping a future separate to its original purpose with little regards for the sensitivities of the nation states which created it. Ultimately these states will destroy it should no consensus be found on direction over the coming decade.
In a democracy you cannot pass laws influencing people’s lives secretly and without their knowledge and then insist to applying these laws as if they have common approval.

Dead but not forgotten. Man's search for Utopia still lingers in Post Soviet Kremlin games. Moves
to incorporate Ukraine into the EU is being checked by Russian grand masters of destiny.
image- post communism series 1989-2001 

Country identity belongs to those who built it over generations and not to the hungry EU. 

This message needs to be listened to.

So this is Western thinking. The western media is now full of this argument with London the centre of resistance. Big, rich, confident and assertive, why should this glorious capital bow to a commission of 28 and its army of 60,000 technocrats!

The flip side to this coin is in the East. While some mutterings may from time to time come from the Czechs general support for the Union is solid. It is the unsure, the poorer, the downtrodden and the aspirational who see the Union as means to feel free even though they have little or no say in creating its laws. Their choice is simple. Who is the lesser of a dictate directive! Brussels or Moscow! It is totally understandable that Putin’s Russia is unappealing to former Warsaw pact countries.

Russia stepped in and is telling Ukraine which road to tread and if Ukraine follows regardless of the will of its citizens while the EU looks on and does nothing, then London will win its biggest fight. Oh yes The EU is big at spending but when citizens freedom is under threat it is not the EU who offers protection but our very own national capitals.

When songs are singing for Europe in Denmark 2014 it may be that Ukraine opts to play Shakespeare’s Hamlet instead.