5 Dec 2016

E.U. Decline; Italy Speaks: Rivoluzione Continua

Grown people know the world they live. Today’s world is financial terrorism- neo-liberal internationalism – economic slavery.  It is called globalism; where living standards are lowered in the rich west through a weapon named “Austerity” - in order to increase living standards elsewhere.

The backlash, to this policy (a policy led by the financial globalists), is the wave of populist uprisings of 2016 where “Revolution” (a transfer of power from one political base to another) is well underway. 

Italy is the latest country to express its rejection of the establishment. All eyes are now on France.
Death of the EU lies squarely with dictatorial attitudes of the EU commission and its Europhile cabinet cohorts. It’s about attitude. About those who have it and those who reject it.

Italy Speaks: The revolt against Globalisation and the establishment parties which promotes it continues a path to victory.
Image- Bucharest 1990, From  the series Revolutia Continua, about the revolutions which supported the end of communism
across eastern Europe.  

The EU federalist clique since 1993, railroaded their ideology of a born again Empire. They ignored Europe's citizens; their national identity, their histories of struggles from past dictatorial regimes and replaced democracy with a distorted combination of Plutocracy and technocratic bureaucracy while instructing those who asked to be consulted to shut -up.

How did neo-liberalism expect the people to ultimately respond to the EU’s half-baked notion that its idealism cannot be wrong! For the greater good of Superstate and finally an Empire with its own trans-national army - sacrifices had to be made; Greece, youth unemployment, nation states, forced immigration quotas, cheap labour and above all obedience from Brussels to member governments not to critise or expose the final solution to Europe’s divisions.

Would it be an idea for federalists’ politicians to recognise that voters are aware! That citizens are conscious of the dreadful spins they put on everything to suit their chances of political advantage; to attain the 2025 goal of Superstate, universal taxation and a strong army to force its will. 

The new picture for Europe is what kind of future relations we citizens want with the EU (if any) and the rest of the world which is 93%. There can be no going back to the EU of old. It is past time the Brussels federalist bubble realise this.