8 Aug 2012

Great Brits Lift the World to a Golden Summer.

It has been described by some as an elitist event. How many people actually sail fancy boats or train excellent horses in dressage. (dancing horses). Why are Asian and African traditional sports not included. How come so many top athletes are from private schools. Is the Olympics simply a rich Western gathering to celebrate its existence, character and sporting personality.

Maybe some of this is there but the real nature of the Olympics is meritocracy. It is said great talent has a way of rising naturally to the top. This is true of most sports. In many ways sport is still a passage to a multikulti environment where one's talents is respected regardless of race, gender or colour.

Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah delight the home crowd during the worlds most popular
sporting event in London 2012. 
Time was when Roman games occupied the imagination of its citizens. In A.D. 107, Emperor Trajan entertained the people of Rome with a military victory extravaganza in the Colosseum. It lasted 123 days during which 11,000 animals died and 5000 pairs of gladiators fought each other in cruel combat. 

Today's games are a relatively infant project having begun in Athens in 1896. Then just nine sports were scheduled. London 2012 hosted its extravaganza with thirty-six disciplines to delight the world. It represents a truly acceptable face for globalisation through diversity and co-operation.

Everything is politics” said Thomas Mann. “It has been called Art of the possible. It is a realm akin to art, insofar as like art, it occupies a creative mediating position between spirit and life, the idea and reality.”

Three weeks of peace fun and entertainment bring us together as one species, one planet, one life. Global sporting games are the new mediating position between the idea and reality. Romans, eat your heart out. Those damned barbarians have done it again. 

7 Aug 2012

EU Crisis: German Parliament Sparks a Firestorm Over Defense of Democracy. Euro on the Run.

The Italian technocrat Mario Monti was part of the Jaques Santer commission forced to resign en mass in 1999 over corruption and nepotism charges.

Mr Monti's latest outburst is seemingly against democracy. He calls for leaders to dilute accountability to their parliaments over the Euro crisis. The Euro is everything to the Brussels Federalists. No loose talk of failure please.

"If governments” he said in a recent Der Spiegel interview, “allow themselves to be entirely bound to the decisions of their parliament, without protecting their own freedom to act, a break up of Europe would be a more probable outcome than deeper integration."

This has forced the German Bundestag to stand up against what is generally regarded as a technocrat/banker plot to rail road Europe into a system described by philosopher Jürgen Habermas as “Post-Democratic Executive Federalism.”

Sparks spread a firestorm of heated words over Mario Monti and his comments
that Democracy should be sacrificed for the sake of saving the Euro.
Foto: Deutscher Bundestag Lichtblick/Achim Melde Platz der Republik  2010
If this were to happen then at best a return to freedom fighter/revolutionary activity is assured. Such activists are easy to find but it looks like responsible managers for Executive Federalism isn't so easy.      

The scathing report on the E.U. Santer commission released March 15th 1999 paints the picture why citizens are reluctant or unwilling to follow such a Tribe of Dreams into the Federalist unknown.

There was growing reluctance of the Commissioners to acknowledge any guilt and that It was becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone who had the slightest sense of responsibility."

Could this be a reason the European Project is destined to fail if it stays on its present course. In the words of one irate Berlin politician “We must make it clear to Mr Monti that we Germans (read Europeans) will not shut down our democracy to pay Italian debts.”(read save the Euro)

Summer madness is in full swing.