26 Dec 2011

Chancellor Angela Merkel; Reluctant Fuhrer, A Necessary Leader for 2012

It is a portrait which has bewildered most  who deplore the endless and un-necessary references to the last war. Especially if the intention is to object to anything proposed by Germany which meets any degree of disapproval for whatever reasons small or large.

Die reluctant Fuhrerin, necessary leader
Chancellor Angela Merkel is Europe's politician
of the year 2011.
The Brits and the Allies just can’t seem to get over that war. In the end these posters become  ridiculous characterizations. It is just silly to match democratic post war leaders with such a period uniform as it is to compare a an aggressive war time British politician to a quiet and calm bulldog famed for its patience with children.

 Germany is charged with leading core Europe. Its mission is to assume command however reluctantly, in order to resolve today’s challenges facing Europe.  These challenges are modern and unique. They come in the face of a rapid communication revolution alongside an evolving social and political global order for the 21st century. And all this happening in the whirlpool of a relentless  crisis manufactured in Wall Street by an unscrupulous financial Mafia.  

This harping back in time to the financial and political upheavals of the 1930’s is not the same as learning lessons from the past. Media and common references to this are often crude and vulgar. Usually it’s a backlash to issues and situations which require constructive and meaningful approaches as opposed to an outburst of unbecoming but understandable anger.

 “I do not see myself going off to sell to my fellow citizens a Europe that behaves in this way. To say 'it's Europe or democracy,' I do not agree. We are in the midst of creating a monster. Turning Europe into an angry father whipping his children is a fundamental error.” French EU lawmaker Sylvie Goulard.  

When a politician makes such a damming accusation policymakers need to listen. They have to ask if the situation described in the statement can be corrected. Society needs to debate if a correction is available for the solution or a if a complete fundamental rethink about the problem is the only option.

The poster does not portray any sensible stereotype association with the second war , but rather the common today view of the severe mismanaging of the European Union by those who inherited the project after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Perceptions from the electorate are valid and legitimate, regardless of the opinions of so called elites and illuminate types who brought us to this point in history.

In the view of my young English nephew, who knows nothing of war and hopefully Art of SuperState will keep this situation as a permanent fact, recently remarked on how the German army in war movies have the best and smartest uniforms. May the Saxon Queen reign long to see  European uniformity in the best traditions of peace in the upcoming challenge 2012.