27 Feb 2014

EU v EU: Empire is Back: European and Eurasian Unions Tough it Out Over Crimea.

The current Eurasian Union movement is a providence of Vladimir Putin and his neo-Eurasianists. It is not a new concept, having roots in the 1920’s and again during the years leading up to the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The Eurasian Union will challenge destiny (European Union) and forge its future down in the Crimea. .Empire is back! Can it defend its turf!
The Russian president has put 150,000 troops on alert to assess battle readiness as the Russian flag is hoisted over the parliament in Simferopol.
Empire is Back in fashion. It's the EU verses the EU. A tussle over contested zones will determine new frontiers
for the coming decades if not a century. Some things never change. 

From the Crimean conflict of 1853 to battleship Potemkin 1902, the Russian civil war 1917-21 and the Yalta conference to carve up post WW2 Europe, the Crimea is at the heart of imperial ambitions for this region.
Days are long past for Turkey to go on bended knee to France requesting European Union membership. Russia offers past glory and most of all energy power for allegiance to the Eurasian club.  There is even no longer a Turkish given for NATO.  
Can Ukraine split into west and east! Can Moscow force a Ukrainian return to the Russian fold!
Of course it can for both options but the first option is highly improbable.
White Russian forces that fought the Red army 1917-21 discovered Moscow’s resolve when it comes to protecting the Crimea. And, the Ukrainian war of independence as it was called then resulted in millions being sent to the grave.

Western armchair generals (politicians) who egg-on nationalists in Lviv and Kiev should also warn there will be no second charge for either the light or heavy brigades at Balaklava.