5 Jun 2011

In Sickness and in Health, the International Court must Evolve.

In sickness and in health…Mladic is sick, so he claims. There no doubt in the mind of millions he is truly a sick person. He had no consideration for his own sickness at Srebrenica and went about his work then .

Nicu Ceausescu was also a sick person. Nicu wanted to be exempt from trial and justice but he died all the same from his sickness in an Austrian hospital waiting for a transplant.

Mladic faces the ICFY camera in the Hague 2011, Nicu Ceausesu in the Bucharest dock waiting judgement in 1994
Even though Ceausescu and Mladic are sick and guilty of crimes against citizens they expect to be treated well and courteously for they are sick. And the world, in their eyes, generally consisting of more caring people than they are, should respect their sickness.

The International court took its time to catch the Balkan Butchers but it got them all the same. Mladic and Karadzic most likely will meet the fate of their mentor Milosovic in a prison cell. But this turn of events can mean more for those who know that the world cannot always protect them. When sick people such as the Balkan Butchers and dictators sons attack and kill it is true they often succeed. We are witnessing such actions now during the Arab Spring.

The international court needs to evolve into a proper global sheriff for justice . If protection for citizens  is beyond their capability then at least hunting down the criminals fast and on time is a step in the right direction. It is a shame the world had to wait so long for a political swap to bring Mladic to face justice.