8 Jun 2014

EU Crisis: Why Brit Skeptics are Right to Oppose Tunnel Vision Juncker & the Federalist Agenda.

In the eyes of the British and their skeptic allies across the continent, latest assessments on Brussels diktat rule are clear. Federalist agendas have made a mockery of their own slogan “United in Diversity.” The unchecked march to “More Europe” is over, over, over.

Europe must change direction away from “A Tunnel into Chaos. It must reform its modi operandi. The Skeptic genie is out of the bottle and will grow in strength with every unpopular Law, Decree & Suggestion emanating from the corridors around Place De Luxembourg in the heart of Brussels European Quarter.

·         It’s not just the conceited, self-assured crossing the square each morning to go to work.
·         It’s not just the bitter taste of decline and humiliation of those told to shut-up and tighten-up.
·         It’s not just citizens watching the bludgeoning gravy train rolling on and on; never, never, stopping at their station. Or any station.
·         It’s not just the fancy, but meaningless, slogans and speeches from EU officials.

I was told today Golden Dawn sang the Nazi Party hymn yesterday;
 outside the Greek parliament no less.
 But hey, somebody has gotta show those Troika fellas what’s what.
 Main Image taken in Skeptic Netherlands. 2011
President Herman Van Rumpuy said in his state of the Union address, October 2013;

 “We are not living the nationalisation of European politics, no, we see the Europeanisation of
national politics”……..he went on to pronounce;

·         In all the immediate action for ‘survival’, we never lost sight of the long-term.
·         See our efforts to build a stronger monetary union, ,
·         See how we carefully avoided to fight this crisis by sowing the seeds for the next one.
·         We will come out of this more resilient, I am convinced of that.
·         The political will of leaders to preserve Europe's unity, to preserve Europe's future cannot be underestimated.
·         The rest of the world has discovered our determination, a determination that was top often underestimated.
·         We have shown it these past five years, and we will continue to do so in the years ahead.

He then says;

·         I know the European idea is under pressure in a lot of our countries, if not all…….  
·         But ultimately, we will convince people not with rhetoric and words alone (even if words are needed), but with results, with growth, with jobs.

And so fellow citizens, that’s the point………………… the results……………A ground swell in extremism and a full on embattled debate between National governments and the Federalist agenda.

 Who dares wins /who wins takes all.

This ain't no Tunnel of Love I see ahead but interesting times……….. Arbitris Consuli Continuare ..the debate continues